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Managing Natural Resources for Growth and Prosperity in Low Income Countries

This paper reviews the economic impact of natural resources on low-income countries and the policy options available to them as recommended by ...

Food Trade Relations of the Middle East and North Africa with Tropical Countries

The special section is one of the latest products of the strategic partnership between CIDOB and the OCP Policy Center. Its papers were first presented at the conference...

Agricultural Models and Best Practices from Brazil and the Southern Cone: Lessons for Africa?

The last 15 years have seen remarkable transformations in farming practices, institutional frameworks, and policies for agriculture in...

Industrial Policy: A Guide for the Perplexed

For the purpose of this short note, industrial policy is defined as government intervention in a specific sector which is designed to boost the growth prospects of...

The Water – Energy – Food Nexus: Who Owns it?

The water-energy-food (WEF) nexus has emerged over the last few years as an innovative and holistic platform for resource management and allocation. Unlike many other disciplines that make their way to

Policies for Managing Natural Resources in Low Income Countries

The literature on resource dependency in the last three decades is long on theoretical and empirical effects of natural resources on an economy, but short on...

Call for Papers


Equilibres externes, compétitivité et processus de transformation structurelle de l’économie marocaine

Dans un environnement international de plus en plus complexe et compte tenu de l’importance stratégique et du caractère multidimensionnel de la compétitivité, le Maroc a engagé plusieurs réformes dans ce sens. Leur objectif est de renforcer son..

Deadline: February 10th 2016

A Green Revolution for Sustainable Food Production Systems in the Wider Atlantic Is Necessary Today

The expression “green revolution” is controversial today; yet my own assessment is that, in spite of many valid criticisms, the Green Revolution was a major achievement for humankind: it made erroneous the Malthusian predictions of the 1960s and 70s that it would be impossible to...

Featured Q & A: How Will the Fed’s Rate Hike Affect Latin America?



Lors de la douzième rencontre du groupe de la stratégie méditerranéenne tenue à Turin en Décembre, l’échange entre les cultures a été évoqué comme levier de développement de la dimension humaine dans les questions méditerranéennes.

2015 Global Go To Think Tank Index

The annual Global Go To Think Tank Index was released in January 2016 by the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program at the University of Pennsylvania. More than 6500 Think Tanks are evaluated globally by 4750 specialists. In this year's report, OCP Policy Center is ranked as the following:

#16 Top Think Tanks in the Middle East and North Africa (MENA)
#18 Think Tanks to Watch Globally
#30 Best Think Tank Conference Globally
# One of the Best 17 New Think Tank Globally
and was listed, for the first time, among the Top Energy and Resource Policy Think Tanks Globally, at the 47th place.

Upcoming Events

L’espace atlantique: entre cohérence géographique et dynamiques géostratégiques

February 9, 2016
L’Institut des Etudes Africaines de l’Université Mohammed V de Rabat et l'OCP Policy Center de Rabat organisent en partenariat une conférence portant sur l’espace Atlantique le Mardi 9 Février 2016. Elle permettra de discuter et d’analyser les enjeux qui affectent les régions de la façade atlantique ainsi que les acteurs impliqués.

Atlantic Currents: Fragile States and Transnational Security Implications

February 17, 2016
The German Marshall Fund of the United States and the OCP Policy Center are co-organizing a presentation of one of the Atlantic Currents chapters. Since the beginning of the post-colonial period, illicit flows in fragile states in West and North Africa have undermined and eroded the already weak stability of the greater...

L’Otan, « acteur global de la sécurité internationale », à l’épreuve des bouleversements géopolitiques régionaux

February 22, 2016
Lors du Sommet de Lisbonne des 19 et 20 novembre 2010, l’Alliance atlantique a adopté son troisième concept stratégique post-bipolaire qui consacre le processus de transformation structurelle et fonctionnelle. La projection de...

International Jobs Report

2016 International Jobs Report

Q&A Session about the Labour Market








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