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From the Mediterranean to the Atlantic: a Corridor Vulnerable to Terrorism

Two of the largest oil producers in Africa, Nigeria on the Atlantic and Libya on the Mediterranean are facing the two most violent terrorist groups on the continent. The Libyan version of Daesh...

L’endiguement renforcé : Les politiques de sécurité de la France et des États-Unis en Afrique

Bien que les États-Unis soient moins présents en Afrique que la France, leurs politiques de sécurité sur le continent ont des objectifs souvent...

Brazil and Africa: Historic Relations and Future Opportunities


Brazil is in a good position to serve as a bridge to Africa and to reignite more cooperation between both sides of the South Atlantic. Brazil has...

Bilan des marchés mondiaux des matières premières 2015 et prévisions 2016

Rarement, la tendance sur les marchés mondiaux de matières premières et de commodités aura été aussi marquée qu’en 2015. Pratiquement tous les...

Call for Papers


Quantitative Tools to Understand and Forecast Commodity Markets

OCP Policy Center in partnership with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences (Souissi) of Mohammed V University in Rabat and the African Institute of Risk-Management organize an international call for papers and a conference that will focus on recent trends in the research fields of modelling and forecasting...

Deadline: May 31st 2016

A new management of soils for sustainable agricultural development

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) consecrated the year 2015 as the International Year of Soils (IYS). Therefore, it has been a year intended to raise the consciousness of humanity about the importance of this resource (soil) and the need to preserve it to ensure...

The Current Brazilian Situation



If one opens the newspapers nowadays, Brazil will come out as a melting opportunity. The country is currently facing its largest economic crisis, mostly resulting from a negative political environment where the current Administration has been deeply swollen by Brazil´s largest corruption scandal, the so-called...

Upcoming Events

SIIS – OCPPC Roundtable: Current African Economic and Strategic Challenges and Opportunities; Intersecting Views from China and Morocco

March 9, 2016
The Shanghai Institutes for International Studies (SIIS) and OCP Policy Center will jointly hold a roundtable on the current economic and strategic geopolitical challenges and opportunities the African continent faces and represents, on March 9th, 2016 at OCP Policy Center, Rabat.

Brussels Forum 2016


March 18-20, 2016
In the context of the strategic partnership between OCP Policy Center and the German Marshall Fund of the United States, the Policy Center is a key partner for the Brussels Forum organized by GMF. Brussels Forum is an annual high-level meeting of the most influential..

Seven Years after the Crisis: Intersecting Perspectives


March 31, 2016
Bruegel and OCP Policy Center, in partnership with Compagnia di San Paolo, are organizing a conference under the theme of “Seven Years after the Crisis: Intersecting Perspectives” in the context of a “Platform for Advanced & Emerging Economies Policy Dialogue” to take place on 10-11 March 2016 in Rabat, Morocco.

Commodity Markets

A Chequered African History of Commodity Markets. Part II: cocoa

Q&A Session on Commodity Markets








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