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Fluctuations in Emerging Economies: Regional and Global Factors

Discrepancies in output fluctuations between emerging and developed economies are well documented in the literature. Differences however within developing economies have not been sufficiently scrutinised. This paper argues that...

L’Otan, « acteur global de la sécurité internationale », à l’épreuve des bouleversements géopolitiques régionaux

Lors du Sommet de Lisbonne des 19 et 20 novembre 2010, l’Alliance atlantique a adopté son troisième concept stratégique post-bipolaire qui consacre le...

China Faced with the Proliferation of the Terrorist Phenomenon in Africa

The expansion of the terrorist phenomenon in Africa puts China in a dilemma: to remain true to its non-interference policy in the internal affairs of other States, even if Chinese citizens and interests are threatened or; adopt a more interventionist policy to protect its...

Potash: a Typical Price War

A growing world population, changing food demand favoring protein, and limited agricultural supply under the assumption of constant returns: these are three key variables of a complex equation that could explain why fertilizer demand should...


Economies émergentes : Faits stylisés et perspectives

L’incertitude sur les marchés financiers, la transition de l’économie chinoise vers un modèle de croissance moins extraverti et le ralentissement du rythme de la croissance des pays émergents, sont autant de facteurs qui fragilisent considérablement une croissance mondiale durable et synchronisée...

The Roles of Think Tanks in China-Morocco Cooperation

In January 2016 the Chinese Government issued its first “China's Arab Policy Paper”, in which it stated: “We will enhance exchanges of experts and scholars from the two sides and actively explore the establishment of a long-term China-Arab exchange mechanism of think tanks.” I think that this line implies...

Current African Economic and Strategic Challenges and Opportunities: Intersecting Views from China and Morocco

Jointly organized by OCP Policy Center and Shanghai Institutes for International Studies, the roundtable on "Current African Economic and Strategic Challenges and Opportunities; Intersecting Views from China and Morocco" was a...

Is NATO Globalizing in the Light of Regional Geopolitical Upheavals?

During the Lisbon Summit back in 2010, NATO adopted its third post-bipolar Strategic Concept acknowledging the structural and functional transformation process. In addition to its traditional mission of ensuring mutual defense, stabilizing its surroundings and global...

Call for Papers

Quantitative Tools to Understand and Forecast Commodity Markets

OCP Policy Center in partnership with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences (Souissi) of Mohammed V University in Rabat and the African Institute of Risk-Management organize an international call for papers and a conference that will focus on recent trends in the research fields of modelling and forecasting...

Deadline: May 31st 2016

“Industrialization” in Africa:
Towards New Growth Models?

For Africa, the issue of industrialization arises today in a context of a worldwide economic integration. Some economies are increasingly structured around global value chains (GVC), representing a growing share of trade, production and employment internationally. The formation of these GVM - which have largely benefited

Deadline: August 15th 2016

Upcoming Events

11-15 APRIL - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management: Module 7 - Growth Economics
18-22 APRIL - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics and Finance : Module 4 - Government policies, food security and international commodity markets
19 APRIL - L’approvisionnement de la Chine en ressources énergétiques et minérales : quel rôle pour les marchés ?
19 APRIL - La façade Atlantique de l’Afrique : un espace géopolitique en construction
25-27 APRIL - Atlantic Strategy Group Conference “Towards more Prosperity and Security in the Southern Atlantic”
28-29 APRIL - Emerging Countries and the "Return of Geopolitics": Economic and Geopolitical Cross-Sectional Perspectives
2-4 MAY - 2016 North, West and Central African Think Tanks Summit

Brussels Forum 2016

Degrade and Destroy: Countering Terror Abroad

Global Economic Shifts and Power Relationships


David Humphreys - The Tale of Commodities : from Super Cycles to Structural Changes

Ian Lesser - The new Eastern Mediterranean Equation and Transatlantic Implications








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