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The Economic Impact of Forced Migration

The current refugee crisis is a catastrophe affecting millions of families, endangering the stability of nations that are hosts to large numbers of migrants, and of the region around them. Forced migration flows which are mismanaged, as at present, create large negative political and economic externalities for the world as a whole...

Analyse comparative des déterminants de la croissance des pays de l’UEMOA et des pays à forte croissance

Cet article fait une analyse comparative de quelques déterminants de la croissance économique dans les pays de l’Union Economique et Monétaire Ouest Africaine (UEMOA) et dans les pays à forte croissance afin de proposer des mesures de politique économique pour la relance de la croissance dans les Etats de l’UEMOA. Pour ce faire, nous utilisons...

Industrial Policy, Structural Change, and Global Value Chains Participation: Case Study of Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt

Morocco, Tunisia and Egypt (such as many other developing countries) have always considered pro-active industrial policies as an important means to upgrading their manufacturing sector. In an era of premature deindustrialization, the manufacturing sector is expected to promote structural change and economic convergence allowing job creation...

Using Foreign Direct Investment to Upgrade and Diversify Exports from Morocco: Opportunities and Challenges in Comparative Perspective

Developing countries that manage to upgrade and diversify their export profile grow more rapidly and achieve greater welfare gains than countries that simply export larger volumes of what they have traditionally produced.
This discussion paper examines what market imperfections and other impediments make the task of using FDI for structural..

L’organisation « Etat Islamique »: Continuation d’Al Qaeda ou émergence en rupture

Après l’intervention russe en Syrie, l’intensification des frappes aériennes de la coalition arabo- occidentale sur les positions de Daech et la libération d’une partie des provinces occupées par l’organisation en Irak, les voix commencent à s’élever dans plusieurs cercles officiels pour annoncer la fin prochaine de « l’organisation Etat islamique »...

The Role of Soils in Global Water and Food Security

Developing policies and strategies for global resource security (water and food) are critical to the healthy future of our planet. The world today faces an increase in the amplitude and frequency of dynamic stresses that greatly challenges our ability to provide effective policies and strategies. We believe that...

La façade atlantique de l’Afrique : un espace géopolitique en construction

La façade atlantique de l’Afrique réunit dans un espace géopolitique en construction les principaux atouts et défis du continent africain. La conjugaison de ces enjeux au comportement des Etats de la région semble fournir les premières composantes d’une identité stratégique «afro-atlantique», toujours en construction...

Call for Papers

Quantitative Tools to Understand and Forecast Commodity Markets

OCP Policy Center in partnership with the Faculty of Law, Economics and Social Sciences (Souissi) of Mohammed V University in Rabat and the African Institute of Risk-Management organize an international call for papers and a conference that will focus on recent trends in the research fields of modelling and forecasting...

Deadline: May 31st 2016

“Industrialization” in Africa:
Towards New Growth Models?

For Africa, the issue of industrialization arises today in a context of a worldwide economic integration. Some economies are increasingly structured around global value chains (GVC), representing a growing share of trade, production and employment internationally. The formation of these GVM - which have largely benefited

Deadline: August 15th 2016

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

9-13 MAY - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics and Finance : Module 5 - Pricing Commodity Derivatives, Rabat
16-20 MAY- Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management: Module 8 - Regional Economics, Rabat
18-20 MAY- Mediterranean Strategy Group - The Changing Nature of Terrorism and Counterterrorism in the Mediterranean, Naples
24 MAY- Conférence sur “Equilibres externes, compétitivité et processus de transformation structurelle de l’économie marocaine", Rabat
27 MAY- International Seminar-Book Presentation : THE FUTURE OF NATURAL GAS: MARKET AND GEOPOLITICS, Rabat

Africa Think Tank Conference 2016

Building Sustainable Future for the People and Institutions of Africa

Organized by OCP Policy Center, the UN Economic Commission for Africa (UNECA), and the Think Tanks and Civil Society Program (TTCSP) at the University of Pennsylvania, over 85 of the leading think tanks in Africa have attended the Africa Think Tank Conference 2016 in Marrakesh, Morocco on May 2-4, 2016.
As such, the Conference explored explored the ways in which Africa’s think tanks are currently making a difference in the continent’s transformation, and how they can advance a sustainable, prosperous, and secure future for all the regions in Africa...


James McGann - Founder & Director, The Think Tanks and Civil Societies Program, Lauder Institute

Hamid Temmar - Former Minister responsible for Economic Transition, Algeria








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