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The Future of Natural Gas: Markets and Geopolitics

Energy is at the core of the remarkable current transitions in the global economy and geopolitics, and natural gas plays a crucial role in these processes. In this context of rapidly evolving trends at the market level and developing dynamics between regional and global actors, The Future of Natural Gas aims at analysing the role of natural gas in the future energy mix by considering...

The Unmet Challenge of Interdependence in the EU-MENA Space: A View from the South

This paper will take stock of the economic performance of Europe and the Arab world, examining how they can do better by working together. The paper pays special attention to the trade, investment, migration and energy linkages between the two regions, as well as those among the Arab countries, as well as how they can be improved to...

Ethiopia: Emergence and Positive Change in a Turbulent Geopolitical Context

Ethiopia is located at the heart of the Horn of Africa. Torn between its position within the Greater Middle East (Culcasi 2008, 128 and Fukuyama 2008, 206) from one side, and Sub Saharan Africa on the other, this East African state is landlocked in a region marked by intense and long-standing political strife and conflicts, and is directly exposed to regional insecurity and....

Incentives and Firms’ Productivity: Exploring Multidimensional Fiscal Incentives in a Developing Country

This paper investigates the impact of fiscal incentives on firms’ productivity using Cameroonian firms as a case. We use data from the World Bank Enterprise Survey for over 300 firms to calculate the productivity of...

International Jobs Report: Update 2016

According to forecasts released in the IMF’s April 2016 World Economic Outlook, unemployment rates are expected to increase this year in the Latin America and Caribbean region and among commodity-exporting economies.

Energy Cooperation: a Prerequisite for Sustaining Energy Security

The world has changed tremendously over the last seven decades. The end of the World War II led to the establishment of an international system based on containment and the imminence of a nuclear war that could wipe out humanity from Earth’s face.
Financial institutions and defence mechanisms were created to...

Les acquis scolaires au Maroc : un état des lieux

La vision stratégique 2015-2030 constitue une innovation dans le domaine éducatif marocain. Contrairement aux réformes précédentes, cette vision aborde à des problèmes qui ont été longtemps occultés. Parmi ces problèmes figure la qualité de l’enseignement. Si cette dernière meublait toujours les programmes des...

The Importance of Agricultural Policy in Terms of Security, Defense and Sovereignty

Agriculture seems, a priori, to be off of the agenda when it comes to building a strategy or a security and defense system. The latter is mostly attached to military structures. The only area where agriculture is combined with security is that of food security, which many countries keep as a virtually independent sector from the national defense system. Even when it comes to power factors, farming is rarely mentioned. Europe provides the example of...

What Happened to World Trade?

2015 was the worst year for world trade since the aftermath of the global financial crisis, with figures exhibiting a decline of almost 14% in dollar value terms. In fact, world trade volumes have lagged behind GDP growth since the 2000s, a trend accentuated since the onset of the global financial crisis, whereas global trade increases took place at a higher pace than world GDP prior to the new millennium. Although some transitional – and therefore...

Call for Papers


“Industrialization” in Africa:
Towards New Growth Models?

For Africa, the issue of industrialization arises today in a context of a worldwide economic integration. Some economies are increasingly structured around global value chains (GVC), representing a growing share of trade, production and employment internationally. The formation of these GVM - which have largely benefited

Deadline: August 15th 2016

Successfully Transforming African Agribusiness through Private Equity Capital Part III - What does a Sustainable African Agribusiness Investment Model look like?

Ultimately, the question we need to ask ourselves is what sort of investment approach or model best addresses the challenges to the growth of the African Agribusiness Industry...

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

3 JUNE- How to Cope with Volatile Commodity Export Prices: Four Proposals, Casablanca
4 JUNE- Conférence de Tanger sur la sécurité Internationale : Thème 2016 - Avenir de Daech, au prisme de la vulnérabilité des Etats, Tanger


Helyette Geman - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics and Finance

H.E. Neway Gebre-ab - (Ethiopia) Africa Think Tank Conference 2016

Souad Lalami - (Morocco) Africa Think Tank Conference 2016

Louis Amedee Darga - (Mauritius) Africa Think Tank Conference 2016

Salomon Nsabimana - (Burundi) Africa Think Tank Conference 2016

Agathe Maupin- (South Africa) Africa Think Tank Conference 2016








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