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L’Afrique et les marchés mondiaux de matières premières : Leurres et lueurs

La bauxite de Guinée, le phosphate marocain, le Bonny Light nigérian, le cuivre zambien, le cacao de Côte d’Ivoire, le café éthiopien ou la vanille malgache : autant d’exemples qui attestent que les matières premières revêtent une dimension tout aussi mondiale… que locale. Mondiale par les marchés sur lesquelles elles sont échangées, locale par leur...

Food Price Volatility and its consequences

In this issue, OCP Policy Center and its partners, the International Monetary Fund (IMF), and the Center for Technology and Economic Development (CTED) aim at providing an in-depth analysis of the challenges related to global food prices, as well as the domestic and international repercussions of food price volatility. Hence, the methods that could be implemented in order to...

Politiques publiques, transformation industrielle, croissance et emploi au Maroc : une analyse quantitative

Cet article présente une analyse quantitative, dans le cadre d’un modèle à générations imbriquées, des relations entre la transformation industrielle, la croissance économique et l’emploi, ainsi que du rôle des politiques publiques...

Should Developing Countries Fear Secular Stagnation?

The pace of global growth has tapered off since the crisis and the ensuing rebound. The concept of ‘secular stagnation’ was first used in 1938 by Alvin Hanson in reference to the American economy during the Great Depression. It refers to a situation where growth is slow over a protracted period, underemployment prevails and inflation is low. In such situations, the propensity to save tends to increase as a result of

Structure des échanges entre le Maroc et l’Afrique : Une analyse de la spécialisation du commerce

Au cours de la dernière décennie, le Maroc a entrepris de nombreuses réformes afin de réussir son intégration dans l’économie mondiale en général- et africaine en particulier- dans le but de diversifier et renforcer son potentiel compétitif en termes d’exportations. En effet, les échanges entre le Royaume et le continent africain ont connu...

Housing Policies in Africa & Brazil: The role of PPPs for low-income housing

Housing is part of the United Nations 11th Sustainable Development Goal, which is to “make cities inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable”. One of the most important targets of such a goal is to “ensure access for all to adequate, safe and affordable housing and basic services and upgrade slums”. Since 2007, the world has faced...

Politics, Policies and Prospects of the MENA Region

The MENA region is vital for Europe economically as a source of energy and as a large and historically rapidly growing market. Politically, however, it is a source of unwanted migration, conflicts, and geopolitical instability. This Policy Brief analyzes the diversity of the MENA region by highlighting some economic features. It also discusses a reform agenda for...

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Call for Volunteers

“Industrialization” in Africa:
Towards New Growth Models?

For Africa, the issue of industrialization arises today in a context of a worldwide economic integration. Some economies are increasingly structured around global value chains (GVC), representing a growing share of trade, production and employment internationally. The formation of these GVM - which have largely benefited

Deadline: August 15th 2016

Join the Volunteering Club and take part in a High-Level Conference

In partnership with the International Monetary Fund and the Center on Global Economic Governance at Columbia University, OCP Policy Center will host a two-day event on September 8-9, 2016 in Marrakesh on the theme of ‘The Energy Transition, NDCs, and the Post-COP21’. The timing of this convening is crucial as Marrakech will be gearing up to host the COP22, dubbed as the COP of actions.

Deadline: August 19th 2016


The Future of Natural Gas: Prospects & Challenges

Recent years have witnessed several governments’ discussions about the sustainability and adequacy of the current energy strategies. The latest Conference of Parties (COP) 21, was another occasion to try to move to a....

China’s Spillovers on Latin America and the Caribbean

The Chinese economy is rebalancing while softening its growth pace. China’s spillovers on the global economy have operated through trade, commodity prices, and financial channels. The global reach of the effects from China’s transition have recently been

Suriname: A Tale of a Commodity-Dependent Economy Facing Shock of Prices

Suriname is facing twin - external and fiscal - deficits that originated in the commodity price slump of recent years. In response, the Surinamese government started a four-pronged adjustment program in August 2015 to...

Upcoming Events

Upcoming Events

28 AUGUST- 2 SEPTEMBER - World Water Week : A Water-Energy-Food Nexus Platform for Achieving the Water, Energy and Food SDGs, Stockholm
1-2 SEPTEMBER - Conference on Global Labor Markets, Paris
5-6 SEPTEMBER - Local Content in the Extractives Sector: Insights for New Producing Countries, Rabat
6 SEPTEMBER - Présentation de l’ouvrage Cyclope Afrique 2016 : » L'Afrique et les marchés mondiaux des matières premières : Leurres et lueurs », Rabat
8-9 SEPTEMBER - High Level Seminar: The Energy Transition, NDCs, and the Post-COP21, Marrakesh


Peter J. Pham - On U.S. Policy towards Africa in an Election Year

Call for Application - Atlantic Dialogues 2016

Application Deadline: September 12, 2016








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