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OCP Policy Center participates to COP22

Through three (3) side-events, OCP Policy Center and its partners will discuss the adverse effects of climate change and will bring together their respective expertise in order to achieve a tangible contribution that will benefit this global fight. While relying on scientific research and analysis, the discussions of these sides-events aim to inform policy makers on possible options to implement energy transition.

We invite you to attend the side-events on November 10th at Room Ziz - Green Zone!

15:00-16:30 | Room Ziz

How would the deployment's efforts of renewable energy could be scaled up for Mena and Latin America...

17:00-18:30 | Room Ziz

Identify areas for further international cooperation in terms of electricity decarbonization strategies...

19:00-20:30 | Room Ziz

Under which conditions can a decoupling between fossil energy and GDP growth take place?...

Ongoing Training

This course aims to describe how a typical commodity industry works, and to elucidate how risks could be diluted between producers, end-users, smelters and traders. In addition to that, it is an introduction of futures contracts, highlighting their peculiarities and showing how they can be used to set up both fix-price and offset hedging strategies.

Upcoming Events


10 November - Low Carbon Renewable Energy: Lessons from MENA and Latin America Regions, COP22 Marrakech
10 November - Decarbonizing Electricity Systems: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead, COP22 Marrakech
10 November - How Sustainable Energy can drive Prosperity?, COP22 Marrakech
20 November -
World Policy Conference, Doha
5-6 December - Strategy Group- How are information technologies and policies re-shaping a strategic region?, Turin
14-16 December - The Atlantic dialogues Conference, Marrakech


31 October- 4 November - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics & Finance - Trading Commodities and Hedging Strategies for Producers/end-Users , Rabat
7-11 November - Advanced Training in Geopolitics & International Relations - Geopolitical Risk Analysis, Rabat
28 November - 2 December - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - The Economic of Natural Resources, Rabat
7-10 December -  Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Rabat









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