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The Global Outlook, Secular Stagnation, and the MENA region

Developing Countries were not as affected by the Great Recession as many feared. They grew at 5.2% a year since 2007, and their GDP is up 50% since then...

Le rebond des prix pétroliers : le « fine tuning » de l'OPEP en question

L’accord de réduction de la production pétrolière des membres de l’Organisation des pays producteurs de pétrole (OPEP) a indéniablement surpris les observateurs du marché...

Call for Papers

Economic Growth in Morocco: Theories, Evidence and Lessons Learnt From Recent Experiences

In partnership with
The High Commission of Planning (HCP)

This call for contribution is intended to raise a number of questions around the growth in Morocco in a context where the Moroccan economy recorded an average growth rate of around 5% during the decade of 2000, against nearly 3% during the previous decade. 

The goal is to bring answers to questions rotating around growth strategies, including
(i) The efficiency of public sector investment;
(ii) The relationship between labor market, competitiveness and economic growth;
(iii) Globalization of value chains and what it brings in terms of opportunities and challenges;
(iv) Integration with the Sub-Saharan Africa as a new source of growth.

Dedline: March 30, 2017


Renewable Energy: Costs and Investments in the Atlantic by KristineBerzina
The Road to Marrakech: Key Issues for COP22 by Laura El-Katiri
Le rebond des prix pétroliers: la renconrte de Vienne en question by Yves Jégourel
Elections locales en Afrique du Sud : Quel avenir pour l’ANC ? Quelles sont les forces d’opposition ? by Victor Mangani ... 


Discussions around large current account imbalances among systemically relevant economies as a threat to the stability of the global economy faded out in the aftermath of the global financial crisis. More recently, some signs of a possible resurgence of rising imbalances have brought back attention to the issue. We argue here that, while not a threat to global financial stability, the resurgence of these imbalances reveals a sub-par performance of the global economy in terms of foregone product and employment.....

Ongoing Training

This week's training focuses on the geopolitical environment of Morocco, Sahel and the Algerian risk; Also, as the Kingdom becomes a key player in the African continent, the new geopolitical profile of Africa will constitute a particularly interesting case of study; The actors and the factors called to modify the face of the international relations.

Upcoming Events


COP22 Side-Event
10 November - Low Carbon Renewable Energy: Lessons from MENA and Latin America Regions, COP22 Marrakech
10 November - Decarbonizing Electricity Systems: Progress Made and Challenges Ahead, COP22 Marrakech
10 November - How Sustainable Energy can drive Prosperity?, COP22 Marrakech

20 November -
World Policy Conference, Doha
5-6 December - Strategy Group- How are information technologies and policies re-shaping a strategic region?, Turin
14-16 December - The Atlantic dialogues Conference, Marrakech


7-11 November - Advanced Training in Geopolitics & International Relations - Geopolitical Risk Analysis, Rabat
28 November - 2 December - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - The Economic of Natural Resources, Rabat
7-10 December -  Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Water-Energy-Food Nexus, Rabat 
19-23 December - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics & Finance - Pricing Commodity Derivatives, Rabat
26-30 December, Advanced Training in Commodity Economics & Finance - Shifting Energy Dynamics and Geopolitical Implications, Rabat









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