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The European Neighbourhood Policy: A Bureaucratic Phoenix?

The European Neighbourhood Policy (ENP) was initiated in 2003 with regional variations in the south with the Union for the Mediterranean since 2008, and in the east, with the Eastern Partnership since 2009. The aim of bringing together countries as diverse as Egypt and Armenia under the same heading seems bold. The bureaucratic advantage in having a single framework is obviously understandable, but the political relevance is less so. However, the geopolitical unrest in the east and the south...


Chinese Investors in Ethiopia: The Perfect Match?

Since the fall of the Derg regime in 1991, cordial relations have developed between China and Ethiopia, forming a positive political backdrop in front of which the two countries’ interests have increasingly converged. On the one hand, Ethiopia seeks to replicate the experience of East Asian countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia, or China and to attract foreign direct investment (FDI) in order to accelerate the development of its manufacturing capacities...


Colombia: Getting Peace, Getting Growth

Colombia is a country of incredible contrast: known to be one of the places on earth where people feel happiest, it is also one of the most unequal and for many decades, a country immersed in a protracted conflict. Despite the latter - and here is the starkest contrast - Colombia has recently succeeded in reducing poverty and building the foundations for sustainable growth and prosperity...


David Humphreys: Outlook of the Mining Industry

Training of the Week

Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Microeconomic Analysis for Public Policy by Azzedine Azzam

The course covers the microeconomic principles used to evaluate the benefits and costs of alternative public policies. In addition to supply, demand, and market processes, the course covers other topics that inform public sector decisions, such as welfare effects of market-oriented policies, trade policy instruments, market structure, public goods, and externalities.

Upcoming Events


04 April - EU - Africa Strategic Dialogue
04 April - Présentation du livre Egalité de genre, politiques publiques et croissance économique au Maroc
05 April - Green Revolution in Vietnam and Lessons Learned for the African Countries
10 April - Présentation du livre "Où va le monde?"
10-11 April - Second Edition of Platform for Advanced & Emerging Economies Policy Dialogue


27-31 March - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Microeconomic Analysis for Public Policy 
3-7 April - Advanced Training in Geopolitics & International Relations - Globalization and Collective Security
10-14 April - Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Environmental Econometrics









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