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Rethinking development finance: towards a new “possible trinity” for growth?

Development finance is an issue that typically concerns developing countries where numerous, grave socio-economic problems persist, including – and not among the least – the need for stable development finance in higher quantity and of higher quality. However, development finance could also be used today as a growth-enhancing concept applicable to advanced economies, to boost their growth and help their social inclusion. It could contribute to rebalancing macroeconomic policies and move them towards a new “possible trinity”: growth based on higher productivity, growth that favours stronger...


Reviving Multilateral Security Dialogue in the MENA: Finding the Hard, but Possible, Compromise

While possible, prospects for repairing existing fractures through multilateral dialogue and compromise have become elusive as crises in the region persist. There are quite a few unfavorable conditions hindering the emergence of some form of multilateral security process: areas of hot conflict have widened in recent years making violence almost endemic in the region, in countries like Syria, Iraq, Yemen and Libya. The Middle East peace process is in a stalemate and already thin trust between the Israeli and Palestinian leaderships is all but gone as both have...

Event's Flashback

EU - Africa Strategic Dialogue

On Tuesday April 4th, 2017, OCP Policy Center and the European Union Institute for Security Studies (EUISS) held a conference that aimed to explore possible African trends and scenarios with a horizon of 10 to 15 years, i.e. the end of the next decade, focusing on what is likely to happen in terms of demography, economy and society, governance, international relations and of course security – and how all this is expected to affect both continents.
More than 30 countries, 40 international institutions and 40 national organizations had been represented by 80 experts who shared their respective views on a large array of issues of common interest.

Training of the Week

Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment -  Environmental Econometrics

Upcoming Events


 10-11 April - Second Edition of Platform for Advanced & Emerging Economies Policy Dialogue
13 April - 3ème édition des Dialogues Stratégiques : Recomposition géopolitique du Moyen Orient et nouvelle physionomie du Golfe de Guinée


10-14 April - Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Environmental Econometrics
17-21 April - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics & Finance - Shipping Economics & Supply Chain Management 
24-28 April - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Regional Economics









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