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Rapport d'Activité 2016

OCP Policy Center a publié son Rapport d’Activités au titre de l’année 2016. En près de 70 pages, Ce rapport présente nos réalisations au regard de notre devise « Think, Stimulate, Bridge » et de nos champs d’intervention, reprend les faits les plus marquants en vous offrant la possibilité d’approfondir vos explorations en accédant à toutes nos publications. Il expose aussi nos programmes de formations, nos actions au profit des jeunes et des leaders émergents et met l’accent sur nos événements les plus importants.


Revival of Agricultural Productivity in Africa: Hoping for Better Food Security

In comparison to previous decades, remarkable economic performance accompanied the entry of African economies into the new millennium. The agricultural sector, which remains the cornerstone of economic and social development, has not remained on the sidelines. Overall, this sector continues to show robust growth, driven by an increase in productivity, measured in part and overall terms. However, lower-level results point to serious disparities and a need to strengthen progress towards achieving development goals.


Road map for enhancing Morocco – Brazil economic relations

There is much room for deepening Brazil and Morocco’s bilateral economic relationship, in the fields of trade and investment flows. This is the main conclusion of the assessment of both countries external economic relations and of their bilateral trade and investment flows. This policy brief aims at presenting a roadmap for fostering bilateral economic relations, focusing on the avenues for a bilateral free trade agreement and for bilateral treaties on investment promotion.








Last week the World Bank released a Staff Note (2017) analyzing the pension reform proposal sent last December by Brazil’s Federal Government to Congress. It concludes that : “… the proposed pension reform in Brazil is necessary, urgent if Brazil is to meet its spending rule, and socially balanced in that the proposal mostly eliminates subsidies received under the current rules by formal sector workers and civil servants who belong to the top 60 percent of households by income distribution.”  With the help of some charts extracted from the note, we summarize here some of the reasons for such a statement.

Event's Flashback

Six Years After: Towards a New Social Contract

On April 17, 2017, The World Bank in partnership with OCP Policy Center launched the latest edition of the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) Economic Monitor. The report presents the short-term, macroeconomic outlook and economic challenges facing countries in the region. The current outlook has shifted from “cautiously pessimistic” to “cautiously optimistic” as, despite ongoing conflict and instability, the report identifies positive trends such as economic reforms and the stabilization of oil prices that if sustained will lead to higher growth. The launch has been livestreamed and broadcasted on F24 Arabic on Friday, April 21st.


Présentation du livre Equilibres Externes, Compétitivité et Processus de Transformation Structurelle de l’Economie Marocaine

Un séminaire de présentation de l’ouvrage «Equilibres Externes, Compétitivité et Processus de Transformation Structurelle de l’Economie Marocaine», a été organisé le 18 avril 2017 dans les locaux du Centre Links, par le Laboratoire d’Economie Appliquée de la faculté des sciences juridiques, économiques et sociales de Rabat-Agdal, la Commission économique pour l'Afrique des Nations Unies et OCP Policy Center. L'ouvrage se propose d’apporter quelques éléments d’appui supplémentaires aux policy-makers pour une meilleure identification des défaillances des marchés au Maroc et une mise en place d’une stratégie de diversification et une politique industrielle efficientes...


Présentation du livre « Où va le monde? »

En collaboration avec l’Institut français du Maroc, OCP Policy Center a accuilli, le lundi 10 avril 2017 au sein des locaux du think tank à Rabat, la présentation du livre «Où va le monde ?» co-écrit par Pascal Lamy, ancien commissaire européen et ancien directeur général de l'OMC, et Nicole Gnesotto, spécialiste de géopolitique, avec Jean Michel Baer.
Face au Brexit et aux tendances nationalistes des politiques du nouveau président américain, les auteurs prônent une redéfinition des missions et des ambitions de l'Europe.

Public policy school

The course introduces some of the commonly-used tool kits in regional economics that help understanding and interpreting the complexity of the spatial structure of sub-national economies. Emphasis in the course is given to the analysis of integrated inter-regional systems. Applications for different countries (Morocco, Brazil, Colombia, Egypt, Lebanon, and Portugal) related to topics of interest for regional policy makers will be discussed.

Upcoming Events


19 June - Presentation - Call for Papers - Stability and Security in Africa : The Role of Hard and Soft Power
11 July - African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy ?


24-28 April - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Regional Economics

02-05 May - Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Agriculture Production and Environmental Economics









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