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Chinese mining investments in Africa

Chinese investors are increasingly interested in Africa. Some criticize them for privileging mining investments. A 2017 analysis of these investments shows that investments in mining have not been the only ones privileged by the Chinese operators. Many other sectors such as transport and energy have benefited from Chinese investments, much more so than the mining sector, for example. Mining investments are all those relating to base metals / iron, copper, bauxite, aluminum, manganese, and all other metals or mineral resources such as phosphate. China alone supplies over 40% of world demand for these base metals.


Emerging Countries and the « Return of Geopolitics » - Economic and Geopolitical Cross-Sectional Perspectives : Tanzania, Colombia, Kazakhstan

OCP Policy Center and the French Institute of International Relations (ifri) oranized on March 7th a roundtable aiming to bring together researchers and public and private sector experts to discuss the challenges and opportunities of economic development in the face of an ever-changing geopolitical order. This edition addressed the cases of Tanzania, Thailand, Colombia and Kazakhstan.


Michael Tamvakis, offered an advanced training in commodity economics and finance, focusing on shipping economics and supply chain management.
M. Tamvakis is Associate Dean for undergraduate programmes at Cass, City University Business School.

Public Policy School

This week, the course focuses on explaining the linkages between agriculture and the natural environment and how the two interact in various negative and positive ways, including the process of climate change. The course will also introduce learners to alternative policy options and instruments for intervention to mitigate the negative and enhance the positive impacts of agricultural production on the environment and manage the potential hazards of climate change.

Upcoming Events


9 June - Presentation - Call for Papers - Stability and Security in Africa : The Role of Hard and Soft Power
10-11 July - African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy ?


02-05 May - Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Agriculture Production and Environmental Economics

08-12 May - Advanced Training in Commodity Economics & Finance | Agricultural Economics & Environment - Government Policies, Food Security and International Commodity markets 









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