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U.S. Economic Policy Toward Africa: The Path to More Collaboration

Eliot Pence considers that U.S. Africa policy has tended to shift over time and has lacked a clear overarching strategic vision. The Trump administration’s approach in Africa should articulate a limited set of principles that clarifies and solidifies a more sustainable framework that is better suited to address fundamental drivers of Africa’s future. These principles include prioritizing key countries and rationalizing resources, creating an “Investment- First” policy in Africa, and more clearly communicating our interests and values.


Europe in North Africa : Fighting Short-Termism

This brief by Tobias Borck outlines the importance of a coordinated, thought-out, and - above all - strategic engagement with North Africa for Europe (and this includes Britain despite its withdrawal from the EU). Only an approach that integrates tactical crisis response with long-term strategic vision can effectively confront the pressing needs of controlling cross-Mediterranean migration and countering violent extremism, while enabling both Europe and its North African neighbours to make the most of the many opportunities deriving from closer cooperation.


Eduardo Amaral Haddad is Full Professor at the Department of Economics, University of Sao Paulo, Brazil.

In this interview intiteled : Input output and Computable General Equilibrium models: from national to a regional perspective, Mr Amaral Haddad discusses several topics related mainly to the uses of input output tables (IO),the computable general equilibrium model (CGE), the experience of Brazil in using IO analysis and CGE models, as well as the relevance of the régional gouvernance model in understanding the régional integraton and assisting the policy makers in their decisions.


The Mist of Central Bank Balance Sheets

In this podcast, Mr. Otaviano Canuto illustrates how the relationships between central bank and public sector balance sheets have acquired higher levels of complexity, risks and opacity.

Event's Flashback

Colloque : Croissance économique au Maroc : théories, évidences, et leçons des expériences récentes

Le Haut-Commissariat au Plan (HCP) et OCP Policy Center ont organisé, le 18 mai 2017 à Rabat, un colloque autour du thème «Croissance Economique au Maroc : Théories, Evidences, et Leçons des Expériences Récentes». Cette rencontre a traité de thématiques liées notamment aux incidences des instruments de la politique budgétaire sur la croissance, les question de l’ouverture, de la compétitivité et la croissance, anisi que le rôle de l'investissement public.

Public Policy School

From 22 to 26 of May 2017, OCP Policy Center holds an Advanced Training in Geopolitics & International Relations - International Security in the 21st Century. Professor Malcolm Chalmers, Deputy Director-General of the Royal United Services Institute, examines themes such as : global conflict trends; conflict and development; new security concerns; upheaval in the Arab world; international intervention after 9/11; security implications of the rise of China; European geopolitics – NATO, the EU and Russia; the global security role of the US; the role of the UN and international law.

Upcoming Events


June 19 - Presentation - Call for Papers - Stability and Security in Africa : The Role of Hard and Soft Power

10-11 July - African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy ?

July 17- Assessing and Redefining Policies towards Africa in a New Global Scenario: Intersecting Perspectives between Brazil and Morocco


22-26 May - Advanced Training in Geopolitics & International Relations - International Security in the 21st Century

May 29 - June 02 - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Micro-Econometrics – Quantitative Assessment of Public Policies II

May 29 - June 02 - Advanced Training in Agricultural Economics & Environment - Food Security and Policy









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