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Last week at OCP Policy Center, we launched the ARCADIA report, we published a new joint publication with the German Marshall Fund of the United States on counterterrorism, our Senior Fellow Alfredo Valladao talked about Russia and European Union. We published a new blog on Brazil's economic reforms by Senior Fellow Otaviano Canuto' and an Interview with Sir John Sawers, -former head of MI-6- on security issues.
This very rich week is detailled below.


The official launch of the Annual Report on Commodity Analytics and Dynamics in Africa (ARCADIA) was held in Paris on June 20th at Paris where several authors exposed their analysis of the African raw materials. The launch saw an abundance of French and international media, and was followed by a lunch-Debate at the Conseil français des investisseurs en Afrique (CIAN), where more than eighty particpants were present.

Long Term Development

Blog: Does Brazil’s Sector Structure Explain Its Productivity Anemia?

Brazil’s labor and total-factor productivity (TFP) have featured anemic increases in the last decades (Canuto, 2016). As we illustrate here, contrary to common view, sector structures of the Brazilian GDP and employment cannot be singled out as major determinants of productivity performance. Horizontal, cross-sector factors hampering productivity increases seem to carry more weight.

Geopolitics and International Relations

Challenges for Transatlantic Counterterrorism Cooperation in North Africa

The United States and Europe share a common interest in addressing the growing terrorist threats from North Africa. The emergence of ISIL as a force in the region — notably in Libya, but also in Egypt and to a lesser degree in Tunisia, Algeria, and Mali — is cause for genuine concern. The ISIL challenge is compounded by the persistence of older terrorist organizations, both local ones such as the region’s various Ansar al Sharias as well as al Qaeda in the Islamic Maghreb (AQIM), al Qaeda’s local affiliate. 


Interview: Sir John Sawers - Security and Politics in Turbulent Times

Sir John Sawers, former head of MI6  discusses topics such as : geo-political trends and how they challenge the current world order. He highlights how the rise of China, the volatility in Western Politics, and the challenges in the Middle East and North Africa interact with one another to create a more turbulent world.


Podcast: Alfredo Valladao - l’Union Européenne : principal obstacle au rêve de puissance russe

Ce podcast est présenté par Alfredo Valladao, Senior Fellow à l'ocp policy center. A l'instar de sa dernière contribution dans le livre "dialogues strategiques", M. Valladao analyse les rapports entre l'union européenne, l'alliance atlantique et la Russie à travers une réflexion sur plusieurs décennies, tout en traitant du contexte actuel, et ce depuis l'élection de M. DONALD Trump à la tête des États Unis.

Commodity Economics and Finance

Africa and global commodity markets: from cyclical realities to structural

The second Annual Report on Commodity Analytics and Dynamics In Africa (Arcadia) aims is to annually report on the evolution of the economic, legal, financial and societal links between Africa and the world commodity markets, both with regard to the cyclical changes in the markets, and to the structural changes or failures that may have emerged. Focusing on 2016 and early 2017, the Arcadia 2017 report analyzes the rebound in commodity prices, particularly mineral prices, which are important for the African continent. 

Upcoming Events


June 30- Présentation livre 'Cohésion Sociale, Institutions et Politiques Publiques'

10 - 11 July - African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO

July 17 - Assessing and Redefining Policies towards Africa in a New Global Scenario: Intersecting Perspectives between Brazil and Morocco 

July 24 - Séminaire sur l’éducation: « Le défi de l’équité, l’innovation, et l’amélioration de nos systèmes éducatifs » 


03 - 07 July - Advanced Training in Economic Analysis and Management - Micro-Econometrics – Quantitative Assessment of Public Policies II









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