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Last week at OCP Policy Center, we published the French and English version of the Policy Brief related to the African Peace and Security Annual Conference (APSACO). Also, as the come back to work is close, we are hiring interns in differents positions that we invite you to look at and share.

We are hiring interns !

We offer several interships' positions for advanced students, and recent graduates who are interested in gaining practical experience in research, event organization and project management. Click on the button below to view the available positions.

Geopolitics and International Relations

African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy ?

The current economic, political and geo-strategic dynamics, centered on the major regional groups, announce a reconfiguration of the international order in which Africa is called to play an important role through its main continental institution which is the Union African Union (AU). The present Policy Brief, drafted in the wake of the international APSACO conference, intends to question the AU's Strategic Autonomy and suggest concrete ways and means to achieve it...

Call for Papers : Deadline extented

The requirements of economic and social development in developing countries especially in Africa are considerable. Developing countries face major challenges such as increasing their growth rate. This particular challenge presupposes a significant effort to mobilize internal and external financing simultaneously with the changes in global development financing modalities: the rise of internal financing at the expense of official development assistance (ODA) and external financing. The requirement in terms of increasing growth rates to significantly reduce unemployment and poverty exists in the context of a broader strengthening of the investment program that is linked to a greater mobilization of savings. Macroeconomic literature on the impact of financial liberalization on savings is considerable. However, most models considering this question do not clarify the direction of causality between variables as a result of the complexity of the reform process.

Podcasts Series 

Focus on South-South Cooperation

This week, we propose to you a serie of posdacts focusing on South-south cooperation, analysing the trends of cooperation developement in the Global South. Below somes podcasts we invite you to listen:
- Housing Policies in Africa and Brazil: The role of PPPs for low-income housing
- The Mist of Central Bank Balance Sheets 
- Presentation of the Research Paper: Morocco-Brazil economic relations: Current situation and strategies for a deeper relationship 
- Input output and Computable General Equilibrium models

Upcoming Events

Sept 18 | China’s Belt and Road – A New Corridor for the Expansion of Chinese Influence? 
Sept 25 |
La Méditerranée occidentale et le Sahel : Sécurité humaine et développement socio-économique
Oct 05 | Conférence sur "Perspectives Politiques de l'Afrique"
Oct 09 | Présentation du Rapport Annuel Mondial sur le Système Economique et les Stratégies 2018 par Thierry de Montbrial
Oct 16 | Infrastructure Investment & Sustainable Development
Oct 18 | Conference sur la Régulation Macroprudentielle en Afrique sub-Saharienne









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