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If you missed our publications during holidays, catch up with the recap below. We invite you to read the second edition of the joint policy report with Bruegel entitled "Towards EU-MENA Shared Prosperity", and to listen to the interviews we selected for you. 


Don't miss our publications' recap, click below and enjoy the reading.

Long-term Development

Towards EU-MENA Shared Prosperity

Endowed with half of the world’s known oil and gas reserves, the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region became – particularly during the second half of the twentieth century – a cornerstone of the global energy architecture. This architecture is currently undergoing a structural transformation, prompted by two different forces: decarbonisation policies and technological developments. The adoption and quick entry into force of the Paris Agreement marked a major step forward in global efforts to address global warming. For the first time, developed and developing countries committed...


 - Le défi de l’équité, l’innovation, et l’amélioration de nos systèmes éducatifs
APSACO - African Union: What are the Possible Options for Strategic Autonomy ?
- EU - Africa Strategic Dialogue 


Upcoming Events

Sept 14-15 | Séminaire: L'avenir des relations Europe-Afrique: Quels enjeux stratégiques et quelles perspectives pour le Maroc?
Sept 18 | China’s Belt and Road – A New Corridor for the Expansion of Chinese Influence? 
Sept 25 |
La Méditerranée occidentale et le Sahel : Sécurité humaine et développement socio-économique
Oct 05-06 | Conférence sur "Perspectives Politiques de l'Afrique"
Oct 09 | Présentation du Rapport Annuel Mondial sur le Système Economique et les Stratégies 2018 par Thierry de Montbrial
Oct 16 | Infrastructure Investment & Sustainable Development
Oct 18 | Conference sur la Régulation Macroprudentielle en Afrique sub-Saharienne









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