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Welcome to OCP Policy Center's Weekly Newsletter.
This week's program focuses on our next joint event with the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMED) and Medthink 5+5 The Western Mediterranean and the Sahel. We also bring to you a new blog that you can share & debate on The Metamorphosis of Financial Globalization, and we invite you to listen to our last podcast.


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About 20 experts from Spain, France, Portugal, Italia, Algeria, Mauritania, Morocco and Tunisia will discuss security and development issues of the region.
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Commodity economics & Finance

The Metamorphosis of Financial Globalization - By Mr.Otaviano Canuto

After a strong rising tide starting in the 1990s, financial globalization seems to have reached a plateau since the global financial crisis. However, that apparent stability has taken place along a deep reshaping of cross-border financial flows, featuring de-banking and an increasing weight of non-banking financial cross-border transactions. Sources of potential instability and long-term funding challenges have morphed accordingly.


Is There a World Gas Glut ? By Ms. Marie-Claire Aoun

This Podcast tackles the current situation of the gas market with a focus on Europe.

It is Performed by Ms. Marie-Claire Aoun, Director of the Center for Energy at the French Institute for International Relations (IFRI) & Lecturer at Paris Dauphine University.

Upcoming Events

Sept 18 | China’s Belt and Road – A New Corridor for the Expansion of Chinese Influence? 
Sept 25 |
La Méditerranée occidentale et le Sahel : Sécurité humaine et développement socio-économique
Oct 05-06 | Conférence sur "Perspectives Politiques de l'Afrique"
Oct 09 | Présentation du Rapport Annuel Mondial sur le Système Economique et les Stratégies 2018 par Thierry de Montbrial
Oct 16 | Infrastructure Investment & Sustainable Development
Oct 18 | Conference sur la Régulation Macroprudentielle en Afrique sub-Saharienne









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