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Long Term Development

By Hinh T. Dinh

This book examines the development problems pertinent to each of the following groups of countries:  developed economies, middle- income countries and low-income countries - and explores possible solutions.
"In the developed economies, there is anxiety over the loss of manufacturing jobs that once absorbed a large share of the labor force and created a middle class that formed the core of democracy. The vast majority of middle- income countries have not yet been able to make the transition to the high-income group despite decades of growth. Progress among low-income countries, particularly sub-Saharan African countries, in achieving productivity growth and structural transformation has been slow, and deindustrialization has occurred in some."


Wage stagnation in the United States: some international implications
By Uri Dadush

The rise of protectionism, economic nationalism and nativism in the United States can be attributed inter alia to the nation’s wage stagnation and rising inequality. Other countries are responding by reevaluating their reliance on the American hegemon. But this is not enough. Policy-makers also need to ask what lessons they can draw for their domestic policies from the United States’ success in creating wealth while, at the same time, failing to distribute it equitably and to reduce poverty at home...



Linkages and Interdependence in Moroccan Regions
Par Eduardo Amaral Haddad

Input-output tables provide a rich source of information about the structure of economies that is not available from other frameworks. In addition to providing key information for the analysis of linkages between activities (and regions), the tables also provide the underlying core database used in a range of economic models. If used appropriately, these more sophisticated models can meaningfully assess the impact of economic change, at the national and regional levels. They can also be used to assess the distributional effects of change across the industries and regions included in the input-output table...

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