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Expect the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders' results this week !

Long Term Development

The Economic Effects of Refugee Return and Policy Implications
By Uri Dadush

This paper looks at the question of return strictly from the economic perspective in the advanced countries that receive refugees: is return in their economic interest? Considering all the main economic dimensions – fiscal, economic growth and labor market impact – the answer, for most advanced countries is no. The costs of hosting refugees are front-loaded, while the benefits of hosting them, which are considerable, only accrue over time...



Regional Responses to Security Challenges in Europe and Africa

On October 23rd 2017, a joint conference organized with The Royal United Services Institute (RUSI), has examined the current trends in terrorist attacks across Europe and Africa, and the responses being taken by individual governments and between governments. The conference has also discussed the current state of regional integration in Europe and Africa, and how regional initiatives can be used to tackle regional and global security issues.


Climate Change and the WEF Nexus in MENA
By Rabi H. Mohtar

In the framework of the Arab Conference Harvard – Session on the WEF Nexus in the MENA region that will be organized from November 9 to 12, 2017, we invite to listen to this podcast on WEF Nexus in Mena, perfirmed by our Senior Fellow Rabi H. Mohtar.

Upcoming Events

Nov 8 | Conférence sur Les politiques économiques et le financement dans les pays en développement 
Nov 8 | Global Economic Outlook
Nov 9-12 | Arab Conference Harvard – Session on the WEF Nexus in the MENA Region
Nov 16-17 | La Méditerranée occidentale et le Sahel : Sécurité humaine et développement socio-économique
Nov 28-29 | Mediterranean Strategy Group : A Policy Planning Conversation
Nov 29-30 | Euro-Med Think Tanks Forum: A hub for high-level dialogue
Nov 30- Dec 2 | MED 2017 – Beyond Turmoil. A positive Agenda 
Dec 13-16 | 6th Edition of The Atlantic Dialogues









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