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Agriculture, Environment and Food Security

Climate Change and the Water-Energy- Food Nexus in the MENA Region
By Rabi H. Mohtar

Climate change is already happening; according the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC), the Earth’s temperature has warmed faster in the last 3 decades than ever before since 1850; oceans have warmed around 0.11 C per decade in the last 40 years. The rate of sea level rise is now more than 3 mm per year since the 1990s (due to climate change and other aspects). These and other changes in climate such as precipitation have sever implications for human systems...

Geopolitics and International Relations

Chine – Maroc – Afrique : Un Partenariat Agroalimentaire Novateur
Par Fathallah Oualalou

Pourquoi la Chine, grande puissance mondiale, et le Maroc, pays en développement du nord de l’Afrique, doivent-ils travailler ensemble autour de la question agroalimentaire en Afrique ? Tout simplement parce que les deux pays possèdent des atouts importants en matière de production de phosphates, composante essentielle des engrais nécessaires à tout progrès en matière agricole. L’un, la Chine, est aujourd’hui le premier producteur de phosphate et de ses dérivés qu’il utilise avant tout pour ses besoins domestiques. L’autre, le Maroc, possède l’essentiel des réserves de phosphates dans le monde et en est le premier exportateur...



Strengthening Civil Society for Conflict Prevention and Resolution in the Horn of Africa
By Sara Hasnaa Mokaddem

During The High Level Policy Dialogue on Conflict and Development in the Horn of Africa, organized by UNECA and IGAD last November 13th-15th, 2017 in Addis Ababa, Ethiopia, were presented the reports on Human and Economic Cost of Conflict in the Horn of Africa and the New Fringe Pastoralism, coordinated by Mr. Jalal Abdel-Latif, Head of the Governance and Human Security Cluster at the ECA and Senior Fellow at the OCP Policy Center, present a collection of data that contribute to define a way forward in the achievement of sustainable stability in the region.

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