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Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders - Cohort 2017

Our emerging Emerging Leaders Program is going into its 6th year!
The initiative which started in 2012 has now grown to encompass about 250 brilliant young and dynamic leaders.
Discover the 50 leaders who were selected to participate in this year's Emerging Leaders Program in this week's Newsletter.
Similar to last year, this edition of the renowned Atlantic Dialogues conference will be preceeded by two days dedicated to the future leaders, who will have an increasing influence in the following Atlantic Dialogues to challenge the established perspectives and forward the conversations.

Long Term Development

Overlapping Globalizations
By Otaviano Canuto

Current technological developments in manufacturing are likely to lead to a partial reversal of the wave of fragmentation and global value chains that was at the core of the rise of North-South trade from 1990 onwards. At the same time, China – the main hub of the global-growth-cum-structural-change of that period - may attempt to extend the previous wave through its “One Belt, One Road” initiative....


Jobs in the Middle East North Africa, and the Moroccan case
By Uri Dadush

One cannot speak of a common jobs problem across the Middle East and North Africa (MENA) region. The countries at war – Syria, Yemen, Libya – are, of course, a story of themselves. Some countries not at war, notably Lebanon and Jordan, have seen huge inflows of refugees that have created large downward pressures on wages, especially in the low-skilled informal sector. The remaining countries can be divided into two main groups. The energy importers such as Egypt, Morocco, and Tunisia, have been unable to create sufficient jobs, especially for the young, and are the source...


Jobs, Industrialization, and
By Hinh T. Dinh

After many decades of expansion, incomes and standards of living have never been better in many parts of the world. Yet, global trade and the prospects of growth still seem uncertain, and protectionism seems to be on the rise. In developed countries, there is anxiety over the loss of the manufacturing jobs that once absorbed a large share of the labor force and created a middle class that formed the core of democracy...

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