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On the occasion of the new year, we thank you for your continuous support and interest in our policy research and activities. We hope that 2018 will be a more intellectually stimulating year.
We wish you a happy and prosperous New Year!

Long Term Development

Social Cohesion, Institutions and Public Policies
By Ihssane Guennoun

In July 2017, the OCP Policy Center published a collective book entitled Social Cohesion, Institutions and Public Policies directed by Professor Abdallah Saaf, Senior Fellow at OCP Policy Center. The authors set out to shed light on the concept of "social cohesion" by examining its history, implications as well as its implementation in various chapters. As Morocco grows economically, social demands are also rising, thus requiring social cohesion, as a guarantor of social peace. This Policy Brief aims to revisit the concept of social cohesion, its origin in sociology, to briefly present the societal evolution of Morocco and finally, to highlight the key ideas...

Geopolitics and International Relations

African Sovereign Funds
By Henri-Louis Vedie

African sovereign funds are, for some of them, old funds, such as the Pula Fund of Botswana which had been created in 1994, followed by other funds, including the most important ones in terms of assets under management, namely the Algerian and Libyan funds. While most of them, that is eight out of the eleven funds that are analyzed here, are financed from hydrocarbon revenues, it is not the case of the Funds of Botswana (diamonds), the Senegalese fund (assets transferred from the State) and the last fund created, the Moroccan fund (State Fund and Hassan II Fund)...



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Upcoming Events

Jan 10 | The Growth Engine for Africa— From a Water Perspective 
Jan 25 | African Middle Classes Beyond the Buzz: Economic, Social and Political Dynamics
March 1-2 | African Economic Policy Symposium
May 9-11 | Africa Think Tank Summit 2018
May 17 | 5ème édition des Dialogues Stratégiques : Emergence de l’Inde et géopolitique de l’Afrique Centrale
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