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Dans le troisème volume des Dialogues Stratégiques publié conjointement par OCP Policy Center et HEC Center for Geopolitics, vous trouverez l'analyse de nos experts sur la nouvelle équation géopolitique et militaire au proche Orient, ainsi qu'un focus en deuxième partie sur le Golfe de Guinée, exemple des enjeux et des nouvelles données socio-économiques africaines.

Agriculture, Environnement and Food Security

Agricultural Investment in Africa: A Low Level… Numerous Opportunities 
Par Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub

Agricultural investment is a necessary requirement to develop and organize the agricultural sector in Africa. The African agricultural potential offers opportunities to be seized in terms of intensification of production and structuring of the agricultural value chains. Although it is diversified, agricultural investment (public, private and foreign investments), remains weak. The shift towards a modern and intensive mode of agriculture must necessarily go through the development of a comprehensive agricultural policy that takes into account several components ...

Geopolitics and International Relations

China - Morocco - Africa: An Innovative Agribusiness Partnership
Par Fathallah Oualalou

The purpose of this paper is to propose the establishment of a forward-looking partnership between China and Morocco, centered around the agri-food issue in Africa. It is in Africa that the food demand will increase in a very significant way during the 21st century due, in particular, to population growth and the acceleration of urban development. Africa must succeed in its agricultural revolution in order to fight hunger and poverty, ensure the industrialization of its economy and bring its urban development under control. Today, the future of Africa’s agribusiness...


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