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The contributions discussed in the 6th Edition of Atlantic Currents are online! Trade relations, migration and security issues, conditions for an efficient regional integration, are some of the issues debated here to enhance multilateral Atlantic cooperation.

Geopolitics and International Relations

Is a Nile war a possible scenario?
By Abdelhak Bassou

Not only the construction of the « Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam” raises a lot of tensions between the riparian countries, but these tensions are enhanced by the interferences of Gulf countries and Turkey who find there a field to express their antagonisms. Will they take the risk of sparking off a crisis? That’s the question.

George Weah, or the itinerary of a man “who was on a mission”.
By Helmut Sorge

How did George Weah, international football star, become the new President of Liberia? In his new blog, based on the testimonies of Weah’s first coach and long-time friend Arsene Wenger, Helmut Sorge depicts the portrait of a man who “was on a mission”.

Commodity Economics & Finance

Brazil-Morocco: the potential for deeper trade integration
By Eduardo A.Haddad, Fernando S.Perobelli , Flavio V.Viera ,
 Vincius A.Vale

Even if Morocco and Brazil have been engaged in different successful forms of trade, there is still a lot to be done to increase economic integration between these two key players in the Southern Atlantic. This research paper, by our Senior Visiting Fellow Eduardo A. Haddad explores few leads to achieve further integration.

Services as en engine
of development : the quiet
By Otaviano Canuto 

In this blog, Otaviano Canuto develops an analysis on how and why services may replace manufacturing, which expansion was a vehicle for job creation, productivity increases and growth, as en engine of development.

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