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HIGHLIGHT: OCP Policy Center confirmed as one of the best Think Tanks  in MENA region and worldwide.

This week, the 11th edition of the "Go-To Think Tanks", published by the Lauder Institute of Pensylvania University, has been released and it ranked the OCP Policy Center as the best Think Tank in Maghreb, the 9th in MENA region, the 15th in the world for the best conference (the "Atlantic Dialogues") and among the best ones at the international level in other categories.

Geopolitics and International Relations

In the 6th Edition of Atlantic Currents, the first chapter written by Mohamed LOULICHKI looks closely at how the building of a partnership between Africa and Latin America could be mutually beneficial to build the foundations of a truly strategic partnership

Agriculture, Environment and Food Security

Are agricultural products the best way to increase Africa exports?
By Will Martin

African exports of high-value agricultural products, such as processed agricultural goods and horticultural products have been growing rapidly. Some observers seem to feel that expanding these exports might be key to generating the new export revenues needed to promote development.


Japan's security policy in Africa: the new realities.
By Celine Pajon

In this briefing, Céline Pajon, a researcher at the Asian Center of the French Institute of International Relations (IFRI), describes Japan's security policy in Africa, which has grown significantly in recent years. What are the economic and geopolitical reasons that drive this evolution of Japanese politics in Africa? What means are mobilized by Japan to consolidate its presence and achieve its objectives? Céline Pajon answers all these questions here.

OCPPC In The Press

Dakar: débat de la pérennité du franc CFA - RFI with Moubarack Lô,  Senior Fellow at the OCP Policy Center

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