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Conférence: Quel bilan pour le Président nigérian Muhammadu Bukhari?

Cette semaine, OCP Policy Center a reçu Benjamin Augé, Chercheur associé au Programme Afrique Subsaharienne de l'Institut français des relations internationales (IFRI), pour exposer le blilan des trois ans du Président du Nigéria Muhammadu Bukhari. Nous avons posé trois questions au conférencier que nous vous invitons à lire en attendant l'interveiw filmée, bientôt disponible sur notre site.

Geopolitics and International Relations

In his last blog, Helmut Sorge analyses the last developments in the Syrian conflict, especially the clashes between Turkey and the USA regarding the Kurds –who helped the Americans to get rid of ISIS in many cities- , as well as the Russian involvement in the conflict –which sounds like an occasion for Russia to enhance its international power.


Helmut Sorge interviewed His Excellency Hubert Lang, former Ambassador of Germany, who delivers in this blog his analyses of the migration issues in Europe, and more especially in Germany where he served as a mediator for the refugees this last years.

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