About AD 2018

AD 2018 is the 7th edition of The Atlantic Dialogues (AD), a well-established annual conference organized by the Moroccan think tank OCP Policy Center - an organization which is about to change its name. The event turns Marrakech into an attractive meeting place for some 350 speakers and guests from more than 80 different nationalities. It allows dialogues around the broader Atlantic issues, North and South, with the intergenerational and intercontinental discussion that has become AD's trademark.

The event is by invitation only.

Atlantic Dynamics : Overcoming the Choke Points

Under this year’s theme, AD 2018 will gather evidence to craft a counter-discourse and devise solutions by confronting different panelists’ views. After an opening conversation on “Populism and post-truth politics : the backlash against globalization”, plenary sessions will evolve around these themes on December 13th, 14th and 15th:

• North-South contrasting demographic trends : how can Africa reap its demographic dividend ?
• Atlantic Trade, the Surge of Protectionism and the WTO.
• Can NATO survive the shifting geopolitical order ?
• The human dimension of the migration crisis.
• The unmaking of the American World Order.
• Digital age and the modern social contract.
• Is the next international financial crisis looming ?
• Climate finance in the South.
• The Role of Culture in Atlantic Relations.
• Brazil: What Next?
• Latin American President’s views.
• Emerging leaders closing remarks

Update : what will happen next week ?

AD 2018 (December 13-15) will be preceded by two days (December 11-12) of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Program. Like each year, AD has selected 45 rising professionals, coming from 25 countries across Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean, Europe and North America. Today, they represent a rich network of 230 leaders who enhance and stimulate the dialogues during the conference and beyond. They will present "5 minute pitches" throughout the conference, to present their ideas, projects and solutions.

Starting from Thursday afternoon, AD will present our yearly report Atlantic Currents and will feature 12 Plenary Sessions adressing the four pillars of the initiative : economy and development ; international relations ; security ; and environment and agriculture. Breakout Dinners, upon registration and available places, will adress, among other topics, the BRICS, regional inequalities, the SDGs, Big Data in Africa and the African Union reform. Evening sessions will include debates on “the middle income trap”, labor demand and migration across the Mediterranean, natural resources and political power in fragile states, agribusiness & agritech in emerging economies, as well as the future of multilateralism.

As every year, AD participants may choose between 10 thematic Breakout Dinners to enjoy discussions in a more intimate setting on December 14th as we will be hosting an opening Moroccan dinner on December 13th.

A global conversation on equal terms 

In order to ensure a balanced exchange between the North and the South, the AD guests come from four continents across the Atlantic. Last year, 30% of the 350 participants came from Sub-Saharan Africa, 21% from Europe, 19% from Morocco, 18% from North America and 9% from Latin America. Representatives of international institutions counted for 21% of participants, the private sector 15%, think-tanks 23%, academia 14% and the media 7%. This year, 4 former presidents, 9 former ministers of Foreign Affairs, 5 current ministers and 3 Generals will attend, as well as many senior officials from international organizations, academia, public & private sector and the media.

Speakers highlight

About OCP Policy Center

Atlantic Dialogues are organized by OCP Policy Center, a Moroccan policy-oriented think tank created in 2014. Its mission is to offer a southern outlook on major regional and global strategic challenges facing developing and emerging countries. It has become one of the main think tanks in Africa and an important incubator of ideas. As a source of forward thinking for proposed actions on public policy within emerging countries, it relies on independent research focusing on national and regional growth, development processes, as well as global issues affecting the Atlantic Basin. Each year, “Atlantic Currents”, a valuable annual report allowing a deeper and further extension of the analytic contribution provided by the Atlantic Dialogues, is drafted by OCP Policy Center and presented at the beginning of the conference.









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