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Four years after its inception, the think tank OCP Policy Center has taken an important step by deciding on a new name. By becoming the "Policy Center for the New South", on December 7th, it reaffirms its role as a key think tank in and for the South, providing a new, autonomous framework of understanding an evolving international system. The aim is also to form a balanced relationship with different partners, North and South, and to open up further the think tank both on national and international levels, towards its scientific and entrepreneurial environment.

Atlantic Dynamics : Overcoming the Choke Points

This year’s theme for the conference is led by obvious trends. Along with a changing world order, multilateral cooperation is weakened by trade disputes, upsurges of nationalist movements and economic anxieties. This has caused disruptions in the historic partnership that existed between the USA and Europe, but also between the USA and Asian countries (North Korea and China notably) – all of which will have serious implications for Africa and Latin America. AD 2018 will address interconnected challenges ranging from Trump’s foreign policy to demographic dynamics, the fragile state of multilateralism, and the looming prospect of a new financial crisis, along with the consequences of growing economic inequalities and a weaker middle class. 

AD Updates: what will happen in the evenings?

Besides the Opening Conversation on December 13th and 12 Plenary Sessions until the 15th, smaller conversations will take place at night. Five evening sessions are scheduled at La Mamounia on December 13th after a Moroccan dinner served on the premises, about the following topics :

• “The middle income trap”
• Labor demand and migration across the Mediterranean
• Natural resources and political power in fragile states
• Agribusiness and agritech in emerging economies
• The future of multilateralism.

AD 2018 will also organize 10 Breakout Dinners on December 14th, in the more intimate settings of different restaurants throughout the city. The following themes will be discussed with top experts :

• Fighting Corruption: Can Civil Society Lead the Way?
• Are the BRICS Still a Meaningful Block in a Changing World Order?
• Coastal Magnets and Regional Inequality
• Sustainable Development Goals: Do they Work?
• Big Data in Africa
• The Global Infrastructure Gap
• The African Union Reform and Peacekeeping in Africa
• Are the Humanitarian Crises Getting Worse?
• Assessment of Deradicalization Programs in Africa: What Next?
• Les intérêts particuliers et le bien public (in french)

Please register for the Breakout Dinner of your choice before the conference starts, by responding to the e-mail sent to you last Wednesday.

New voices at AD 2018

The AD community gets larger each year, with new voices from around the world. More original and diverse points of views will be coming this year from as far as the Pacific, with Teburoro Tito, former President of Kiribati (Micronesia). Hafsat Abiola, daughter of the late Moshood Abiola, will speak from her position in the Nigerian civil society. Bruno Boccara, former lead economist at the World Bank, has gained expertise on the social and psychological aspects of policy making, as the French founder of Socio-Analytic Dialogue, based in New York.

Speakers highlight

Emerging Leaders
Because today is already defined by the next generation, Atlantic Dialogues makes sure young professionals get a seat at the table. Each year, a new cohort of about 45 Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders (ADEL) aged from 23 to 35 is selected across the Atlantic. They follow a 2 days tailor-made program around leadership before the conference, coached by top experts and AD speakers. During AD, they are given the opportunity to interact with their elders and present “5 minutes pitches” about their projects and solutions. AD 2018 has received 3000 submissions, versus 1000 last year, a sign of its growing outreach. A new cohort of 46 Emerging Leaders, of which 22 women and 24 men, will join the existing network of 250 ADEL. They come from Africa (11 Sub-saharan Africans, 6 North Africans), Latin America and the Caribbean (8), Europe (11) and North America (9). AD thus makes room for young leaders and voices from the South, allowing the intergenerational and intercontinental dialogue that has become its trademark. 









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