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Report: The Ups and Downs of Commodity Markets:
An analysis of volatility in prices of commodities

Worried about the increasing price of your daily cup of coffee? Wondering what’s causing all the ups and downs in prices of everyday commodities? Have a look at Yves Jégourel’s take on it in his report, The Financialization of Commodity Markets: A Short-lived Phenomenon?

Spéculation, stockage, conséquences sur les prix : Yves Jégourel, maître de conférences à l'Université de Bordeaux et chercheur associé à l’OCP Policy Center explique la financiarisation des marchés de matières premières, thème du dernier livre publié, sous sa direction, par l’OCP Policy Center.

Trump, Tariffs and Turmoil:
A look at Uri Dadush’s take on the issue

In his attempt at fulfilling his presidential agenda of putting “America First,” President Trump’s decision to impose tariffs on aluminum and steel imports in the U.S. is deteriorating relations with the international community, most notably the European Union. In his blog, Uri Dadush delves into the economic implications of the tariff and the optimal approach to be used by the European Union to face this dilemma.

Water-Energy-Food: a holistic approach to face climate change

Policy Brief of the Week

The Nexus of Water-Energy-Food is a holistic model, already tested and implemented in Morocco, that includes the different components related to water and energy, in order to answer the many threats created by climate change. This model ensures food security and agriculture sustainability. Hynd Bouhia explains how.

Cuban Medical assistance as a diplomatic tool

His face is the icon for revolution, but few know the impact derived from Che Guevara’s medical expertise as a physician on Cuba’s foreign relations. Doctor diplomacy, medical internationalism, these are but a few terms to describe Cuba’s unique soft-power approach in the world.

Brussels Forum: the migrant crisis versus
protectionism, which one shall prevail?

How will the international community deal with the migrant crisis in a world where nation states are shifting towards distrust, protectionism, isolationism, and populism as seen in the foreign policy approaches of the Trump Cabinet and the U.K.’s infamous “Brexit”?

Upcoming Events

March 21-23 | Conference on the Shifting Commercial Dynamics of the Atlantic Basin
March 22 | 8th World Water Forum Special Session: Multi-stakeholder Dialogue: Water-Energy-Food (WEF) Nexus and SDGs 
March 28 | Présentation du livre de Jean-Pierre FILIU "Généraux, gangsters et jihadistes : histoire de la contre-révolution arabe"
March 30 | Global Economic Outlook : La reprise économique mondiale peut-elle être maintenue?
April 11 | 5ème édition des Dialogues Stratégiques : Emergence de l’Inde et géopolitique de l’Afrique Centrale
April 12-13 | What Role for Africa and Europe in a New Geopolitical Order?  
May 9-11 | Africa Think Tank Summit 2018
June 18-19 | African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO














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