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Africa Think Tank Summit :
Second Edition Coming Soon

Under the theme “Deepening Expertise and Enhancing Sustainability: Insight into Contemporary Challenges Facing African Think Tanks,” OCP Policy Center and the Think Tank and Civil Societies Program of the University of Pennsylvania are hosting the second edition of Africa Think Tank Summit taking place in Rabat from May 9th to May 11th, 2018.

The registration form will be available soon.

The symphonies of War:
Trump & the Middle East

From the missiles that Trump ordered on the Syrian chemical weapons storage facility to Russia’s open threats of retaliation, Helmut Sorge compares the escalating situation in the Middle East to Richard Wagner’s compositions.
Going over the perspectives of the numerous stakeholders involved, from Prince Bin Salman to the Emir of Qatar, Sorge provides an intriguing yet dark insight of the situation in his latest blog, “The Absolute Reality of the Unreal.”

Media & Terrorism: A symbiotic relationship explained

In partnership with RUSI

From 9/11 to the recent lone actor attacks that have plagued Europe, terrorist attacks have been reshaped and remodeled to overcome counter-terrorism initiatives.

Read Dr. Mohammed Elshimi’s brief about the symbiotic relationship between media and terrorism, a key connection that is often underplayed by policy makers.

Comment réguler le marché du travail au Maroc ?

Les questions du chômage et de l’insertion professionnelle des jeunes atteignent des proportions préoccupantes. Retrouvez ce constat, mais aussi des pistes d’action, dans ce blog signé Mokhtar Ghailani qui revient sur la conférence-débat organisée par l’OCP Policy Center, en association avec Sciences Po Paris Alumni Maroc (AMASP) autour du livre « Les enjeux du marché du travail au Maroc »

Water scarcity vs. water abundance in Morocco:
an interregional analysis

Water resources in Morocco vary based on region, and thus, there’s a “climate divide,” with variations between southern and northern regions. Eduardo Amaral Haddad, Fatima Ezzahra Mengoub, and Vinícius A. Vale, delve into the implications of water trade based on region and through the application of an interregional input-output matrix in their research paper, “Water Content in Trade: A Regional Analysis for Morocco.”

 Can we replace traditional corporate taxes?

In this policy brief, Octaviano Canuto analyzes the ups and downs of the Federal Reserve's balance sheets and the implications of the recent inflation data. What is the right path towards the "normalization," of monetary policy, what policies should be utilized?

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Upcoming Events

May 9-11 | Africa Think Tank Summit 2018
June 18-19 | African Peace and Security Annual Conference - APSACO
July 17 | Towards MED Rome 2018: Countering Violent Extremism and De-Radicalization Measures in Europe and the MENA Region 
October 26-28 | World Policy Conference 2018














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