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Former President of Nigeria speaks at the African Think Tanks Summit 

Chief Olusegun Obasanjo's vision for
"The United States of Africa"

His Excellency Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, former president of Nigeria delivered the keynote speech where he discussed his vision for the "United States of Africa."
Read Helmut Sorge's summary of the event, precisely of the former president's contributions and participation during this summit.

Didn't attend the Africa Think Tank Summit?
No worries the summaries are out, in English and French!

Think tanks in Africa : a special role for the road ahead

The first of the four blogs launched during the first breakout session of the summit written by Sabine Cessou.

Les think tanks africains : grande diversité et défis communs

Dans ce résumé, Mokhtar Ghailani évoque les difficultés que rencontrent les think tanks ainsi que les valeurs qui doivent baliser leur action.

This is the perfect storm, but nobody wants to talk about it

In this summary, written by Helmut Sorge, the participation of key speakers such as Awad Ibrahim, chairman of the LIbyan Organisation of Policies and Stratgies and Mohammed S. Alsulami, to name a few.

Changing Migration Patterns in North Africa

Written by Haim Malik of the Center for Strategic & International Studies (CSIS), this report seeks to illustrate how migration patterns in the North African Maghreb are changing and how governments in the region are responding to these shifts at an important juncture.
It addresses the debates migration has sparked in Morocco, Algeria, and Tunisia, and examines the diverse policy choices that governments are making to address the challenge.
Governments in the Maghreb still have an opportunity to think strategically about migration and pursue an approach that not only mitigates risk but also finds opportunity.
Doing so will require balancing a complex set of pressures within and beyond their borders.

Trump's trade wars & their true origins

Are the trade wars that have been triggered by Trump unique to his policymaking, or are there underlying factors in the global trade system that have already existed and that will persist before and after Trump? What are the challenges and limitations of the global trade system? What causes protectionist rhetoric to prevail? These are the question our Senior Fellow Uri Dadush thoroughly answers and explains in his policy brief, “Our Trade Tensions Will Persist Beyond Trump.”

Illicit Trade, smuggling and mysterious revenues in the Maghreb: who are the beneficiaries of these incomes?

From cigarettes to pharmaceuticals, smuggling and illicit trade of commodities is highly prevalent in the Maghreb, representing a regional and trans-national source of instability that is often overlooked.

How can the smuggling and illicit trade of commodities in the Maghreb affect regional and trans-national security? Who benefits from these funds? Do terrorist organizations in the Maghreb get their funding from illicit trade? These are questions answered by Alexander Babuta and Cathy Henlein, from The Royal United Services Institute, in the policy brief, “Commodity Smuggling in the Maghreb: A Silent Threat.”

Leçons de méthodologie fondamentale apprises sur le tas

C’est un blog très personnel que nous livre ici notre senior fellow Abdellah Saaf. Il y rapporte ses rencontres avec les plus grands noms de la recherche scientifique, d’ici et d’ailleurs, qui ont, à jamais, impacté son parcours professionnel et académique. Car dans une entreprise d’acquisition de savoir et d’apprentissage, il est des leçons qui non seulement balisent le cheminement de l’apprenant, mais le façonnent.

Canuto's knowledge ladder

Intrigued by IMF’s April issue of the Word Economic Outlook (WEO), Octaviano Canuto discusses the reshaping of the technological innovation, cross-border technical diffusion and its effect on domestic productivity levels, among other economic prospects.

OCPPC In The Press

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