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More tears are falling than rain

Despite the many lakes, the dams, and despite many sea or ocean borders,  Africa has still many water issues that challenge its development. How can Africa face this problem that can only worsen due to climate change? That’s the question raised by Helmut Sorge in the blog "More tears are falling than rain."

Food trade policy and the dietary transition

The irony facing many developing countries today is that increased food trade and globalization has created a situation where certain segments of the population are simply put, eating too much, while just in their proximity lies a more significant segment of the population who are suffering from the complete opposite, malnutrition. Read Will Martin’s explanation of this double sided sword in his policy brief, Food Trade Policy and Dietary Transition.

Cuban medical assistance as a diplomatic tool
 His face is the icon for revolution, but few know the impact derived from Che Guevara’s medical expertise as a physician on Cuba’s foreign relations. Doctor diplomacy, medical internationalism, these are but a few terms to describe Cuba’s unique soft power approach in the world.

Renewable energy and water and food security

In this podcast with Dr. Rabi Mohtar, renewable energy technologies are discussed, which are projected to enjoy substantial growth in the coming decades. The MENA region encloses abundant alternative energy sources such as solar, wind and hydropower. The concern, as explained by Dr. Mohtar, is more on whether the Arab region will be able to respond to and manage the growth opportunities in this emerging sector.

Isabelle Tsakok - How to ensure food security in Africa?

Our senior fellow, Isabelle Tsakok, talks about the main Global Market forces that will likely impact African countries’ ability to strengthen their food security.

Mutations politiques comparées au Mahreb et au Machrek 7ans aprés le Printemps Arabe

Les pays touchées par les vagues de manifestations connues par le nom ''des Printemps Arabes'' n'ont pas tous abouti aux mêmes résultats. Dans cette perspective, notre ouvrage de la semaine, regroupe des contributions thématiques et comparatives de la région du Maghreb et du Machrek afin d’étudier les évolutions de ces pays depuis le début des « printemps arabes »

Pioneering One Africa

Our researcher Tharcisse GUEDEGBE shares with us his favorite publication of the year, which is a report on African business and economic development by BCG. BCG has been tracking business and economic development in Africa, producing reports on the trends and growth in the continent.

Upcoming events

18 Septembre | Présentation du Rapport Annuel Mondial sur le Système Economique et les Stratégies 2018 par Thierry de Montbrial
20 Septembre | Smart development model : un nouvel horizon économique pour le Maroc ?
October 1 | Workshop on Coping with Climate Change
4-5 Octobre | 6ème édition des Dialogues stratégiques : L'Amérique latine, crises et sorties de crises ; quels défis pour l'Union africaine ?
October 10-11 | EU-MENA shared prosperity
October 24 | Morocco-Nigeria Relations : Enhancing Opportunities for Growth and Development
October 26-28 | World Policy Conference 2018
December 13-15 | Seventh Edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference









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