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Libya: Then and now

Remembering the day he was expelled from Libya as a journalist, Helmut Sorge delves into the Libyan crisis, starting from the 2011 overthrow of Gaddafi to today’s power struggle between Haftar and el-Sarraj, analyzing the actions of the different militia factions from within while assessing the role of external actors in the war-torn country

When politics and artificial intelligence meet

Big data, data analysis, and digitalization, these are but a few keywords describing the new era of politics today thanks to Artificial Intelligence (AI). No more right-wing or left-wing, the future of politics with AI is based completely on empirical data analyzed through algorithms and polls for the satisfaction of the citizen. What do you think of an AI-driven political system? Read Alfredo G. A. Valladão policy paper for more.


What's the true cause behind global imbalances?

Protectionist narratives, today, especially in regards to their influence on trade relations, are often derived from the belief that global imbalances are caused by account deficits and surpluses. To Uri Dadush, senior fellow at OCP Policy Center, these imbalances are actually a result of domestic policies and conditions. Read more by consulting Dadush’s latest policy brief, “The Role of Fundamentals in Global Imbalances.”

Le temps de la paix?

Reprise historique des relations bilatérales Ethiopie-Erythrée aprés plus de 20 ans de désacords et de conflits permanents entre les deux pays. Dans son blog, Sara Hasnaa Mokaddem examine exhaustivement les motivations derrière ce rapprochement tout en présentant les enjeux de cette "réconciliation surprise".

OCP Policy Center in the press

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Bruxelles: Des experts soulignent le rôle du Maroc pour rénover le partenariat euro-méditerranéen au service du rapprochement entre l’Europe et l’Afrique | Article 19

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L’OCP Policy center se distingue dans la recherche en macroéconomie | L'Economiste

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Upcoming events

18 Septembre | Présentation du Rapport Annuel Mondial sur le Système Economique et les Stratégies 2018 par Thierry de Montbrial
20 Septembre | Smart development model : un nouvel horizon économique pour le Maroc ?
October 1 | Workshop on Coping with Climate Change
4-5 Octobre | 6ème édition des Dialogues stratégiques : L'Amérique latine, crises et sorties de crises ; quels défis pour l'Union africaine ?
October 10-11 | EU-MENA shared prosperity
October 24 | Morocco-Nigeria Relations : Enhancing Opportunities for Growth and Development
October 26-28 | World Policy Conference 2018
December 13-15 | Seventh Edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference









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