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China: the new global provider of Energy Security (ES) ?

Following her participation at the Security Energy Seminar held in China, our Senior Fellow Bouchra Rahmouni explains China’s ever increasing role in the global energy sector, illustrated through the country’s numerous and lucrative investments all around the world. From Italy to Greece, or Malta to Lithuania, China has become the provider of “Energy Security,” for numerous key states in Europe and in the world.

Les conditions sont-elles réunies pour des élections en Libye ?

Dans ce policy paper, notre Research Assistant, Youssef Tobi fait ressortir les tendances lourdes dans le conflit libyen afin d’obtenir une meilleure lisibilité des dynamiques en cours, plus précisément dans la perspective des élections annoncées pour le 10 décembre prochain.


An African Pope: a real possibility ?

Did you know that Africa has more Catholic seminarians today than Europe? Helmut Sorge reflects on the decreasing influence of the Catholic Church in Europe, while on the other hand, and intriguingly, Africa has been witnessing the opposite, an increase of Catholic influence. Read Sorge’s blog on the possibility of An African Pope, for more in-depth facts and figures on the matter.


L'évolution de la performance du secteur agricole au Maroc

Dans ce Research Paper, Mohammed Rachid Doukkali et Tharcisse Guedegbe s’intéressent à l’évolution de la performance du secteur agricole au Maroc. Pour bien capter cette évolution, les auteurs se sont appuyés sur une comparaison avec d’autres secteurs de l’économie marocaine mais aussi avec d’autres pays des différentes parties du Bassin méditerranéen.



A reconciliation of visions

Migration has emerged as a central theme on the international policy agenda over the past decade, especially with the 2015 migrant crisis, and the massive flows from the Middle East and Africa. There is also a renewed interest by African countries in enforcing a common vision through the African Observatory on Migration project, to be headquartered in Morocco.  

OCP Policy Center, in partnership with the Ministry in charge of Moroccans Residing Abroad and Migration Affairs and IEMED is offering a platform for a high-level discussion under the theme “Migration: Reconciling North and South Visions," on November 2nd.

OCP Policy Center in the Press

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Upcoming Events

October 26-28 | World Policy Conference 2018
November 2 | High level Seminar on Migration under the theme: “Migration: Reconciling North and South Visions”
November 8 | Toward a Global Low Carbon Transition : What Sustainable Opportunities for Africa?
November 11 - 13 | The first edition of the Paris Peace Forum
December 13-15 | Seventh Edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference under the theme: Atlantic Dynamics: Overcoming the Choke Points









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