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Le cinquième volume des Dialogues Stratégiques est disponible en ligne!

Dans ce cinquième volume des Dialogues Stratégiques, édité conjointement par l’OCP Policy Center et HEC Center for Geopolitics, les contributeurs poussent la réflexion sur les tendances politiques mondiales. Cette édition se consacre à la place grandissante de l’Inde sur l’échiquier mondial, et examine les enjeux relatifs à l’Afrique centrale.

OCPPC's first event in Nigeria: Enhancing Morocco-Nigeria Relations?

Jointly organized by The Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative (AEDPI) and OCPPC Policy Center, this first edition of the Moroccan-Nigerian strategic dialogues will be an opportunity to discuss key issues and challenges faced by Morocco and Nigeria on the economic front, in order to deliver creative and edge-cutting solutions for cooperation and partnership in terms of growth and development.


Trump-Kim Jong-Un: Are they playing us?

Helmut Sorge updates us in “Trump and the Future” on the current status-quo and what has lead us to the unlikely friendship between a brutal tyrant and an equally tyrannical US President. “If you see the world through Trump-esque lenses, soon Mr. Kim will be hailed as the new Mother Theresa of Asia.”


 Ownership Security and Agriculture in East Asia

Why would private households invest in farming year in, year out, unless they expect to gain monetarily and can easily raise the credit needed?
In this brief, our Senior Visiting Fellow Isabelle Tsakok illustrates the power of land tenure security for sustained agricultural productivity and income growth; and the difficulties for political leadership to ensure such security.

Back on the EuroMesco Annual Conference 2018

Interviews are available!
Co-organized by the European Institute of the Mediterranean (IEMed) and the OCP Policy Center, this conference focused on how recent developments in Europe affect the southern shore of the Mediterranean and more generally Euro-Mediterranean relations. Similarly, Euro-Mediterranean policies are too often understood as policies of the European Union towards the Southern Mediterranean. Therefore, this conference also looked at policies and strategies developed by southern Mediterranean countries vis-à-vis the EU and other partners.

OCP Policy Center in the press

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Pétrole : Pourquoi les Etats-Unis vont devoir gérer avec précaution leur statut de premier producteur mondial?Atlantico

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Upcoming events

October 10-11 | EU-MENA shared prosperity 
October 24 | Morocco-Nigeria Relations : Enhancing Opportunities for Growth and Development
October 26-28 | World Policy Conference 2018
November 8 | Toward a Global Low Carbon Transition : What Sustainable Opportunities for Africa?
November 11-13 | The first edition of the Paris Peace Forum
December 13-15 | Seventh Edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Conference










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