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The "twin cities": What can African cities learn from Rabat & Salé ?

"The twin cities of Rabat and Salé on Morocco’s west coast embody prominence in Morocco’s past and present,” affirm Hamukoma et al in their Policy Paper, “Rabat and Salé – Bridging the Gap.” Looking at the evolution of Salé from a city composed mainly of slums and unemployment to one that provides housing to a significant portion of Rabat’s working class, the authors reaffirm Morocco’s success in shifting to urbanization thanks to programs such as (but not limited to) the “Cities without Slums,” launched in 2004. What can African cities learn from this experience?

Buenos Aires: A good place to start fighting back against destructive unilateralism

Our Senior Fellow Uri Dadush will be co-chairing the T20 trade task force in Tokyo this December. A letter on trade, in anticipation of the leaders' summit coming up in Buenos Aires, was thus prepared and co-signed by Uri Dadush and eight other renowned academics from all spheres of the world, where key issues such as the dangers of the “unholy trinity of insufficiencies in the trade book,” are explained. The authors refer to the G20 summit in Buenos Aires as “an eleventh-hour opportunity to stop or at least mitigate these destructive forces.”

The European Union & Africa: commitments and agreements

In this Policy Paper "Assessing the EU-North Africa trade agreements"  by Uri Dadush, Senior Fellow, and Yana Myachenkova, a thorough assessment of EU-North Africa Trade Agreements is presented. Looking at the agreements of Algeria, Egypt, Morocco and Tunisia with the EU, the authors remind us that they have “delivered disappointing results since they came into force during the 2000s.” This is illustrated in the fact that while the four North African countries haven’t seen sufficient growth in their exports to the EU, the latter has been enjoying an increase of exports to other way around, from the EU to North Africa.

Examining the challenges and links between development and security, while assessing the conclusions from the UN’s inaugural Africa Dialogue Series (ADS) that took place last month, Bouchra Rahmouni, in her blog “European Commitment in the Development-Security Nexus in Africa: Does the European Union practice what it preaches?”, explains how an innovative approach in cooperation with the EU is required for an enhanced security-development nexus.


Migration: at the heart of the Global Agenda

In this policy brief "Building a Youth Euro-Med Community through Learning and Research Mobility: Incubators and Obstacles"  published by IEMed, El Ouassif Amal, Research Assistant, OCP Policy Center, thoroughly presents the factors that hinder the access of young researchers from Southern Mediterranean countries to scientific mobility but also provides recommendations on ways to improve young researchers’ access to mobility in the Euro-Mediterranean space.


The global dialogue on migration is frequently stalled due to contradictory interests and positions between the countries of the North (Europe and North America) and those of the South. However, these positions do not take into account changes in migration profiles of countries, which can be departure, transit and receiving countries. Can multilateralism break with the North-South paradigm? Moreover, what is the added value of non-state actors (diaspora, NGOs, companies) or infra-state actors (local authorities) in the global governance of migration?

The side-event - jointly organized by the International Centre for Trade and Sustainable Development (ICTSD), the International Organization for Migration (IOM), the European Centre for Development Policy Management (ECDPM), the National Center for Competence in Research (nccr-on the move), University of Bern, and OCP Policy Center, with the support of the Inter-American Development Bank (IADB) - will promote increased awareness on the way that trade preferences, trade agreements and Aid for Trade/diaspora-for-trade can support the objectives of the GCM. Understanding the interaction between trade and migration in the context of the GCM will support the integration of migrants into labour markets and better protection of migrants’ rights in a globalized economy. For more information and to register, press button below.

"Big Brother is watching you"

In this blog "War is Peace", Helmut Sorge thoroughly analyzes the correlation between technological advancement and increased surveillance, while making allusions to “Big Brother,” of George Orwell’s infamous novel, 1984. With a special focus on China, Sorge explains how the significant extent of surveillance in the country leads to a situation similar to Orwell’s dystopian world of control, domination, and loss of liberty due to censorship, repression, and a special type of supervision by the government.


Russie: Vladimir en Afrique

Dans ce Blog "Poutine et la campagne d’Afrique", Mehdi Benomar fait sien le constat selon lequel le renforcement, par la Russie, de son positionnement en Afrique se confirme chaque jour un peu plus. Constat qu’il appuie, outre des visites officielles du Président Vladimir Poutine dans nombre de capitales africaines, par la série d’accords, économiques et militaires, qui lient désormais Moscou à des pays du continent. La Russie a réaffirmé ses relations avec les vingt principales économies africaines, argumente-t-il. Tout aussi important, est le nombre de pays africains qui, dans le cadre d’accords de défense, bénéficient de l’assistance et des matériels militaires qui leur sont proposés par Moscou.

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