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Venezuela: What’s Next?
Opinion | Julian Colombo

Politician and 2018 Emerging Leader Alumnus, Julian Colombo, provides us with an objective assessment of the current crisis in Venezuela amidst Juan Guaidó’s claim to presidency, Maduro’s contestation, the role of the military and the role of the US, China and, Russia in the conflict.


Egypt- Israel: Aiming for Rapprochment
Policy Brief | Youssef Tobi

Youssef Tobi, Research Assistant, Policy Center for the New South, investigates the Egypt-Israel relationship, their “rapprochement” and more in his Policy Brief, available in both French and English.


Absurd Brexit
Opinion | Helmut Sorge

Brexit has been at the center of debate, not only in Great Britain, but globally, especially due to the implications it has on world trade, Europe’s economy and international relations. Helmut Sorge investigates this in his two-part blog: “Absurd Brexit.”

Morocco Faces its First Commercial Dispute before the WTO
Policy Brief | Jamal Machrouch

In a concise legal evaluation, Dr. Jamal Machrouh, Senior Fellow, Policy Center for the New South, delves into Morocco’s commercial dispute with Turkey, which was brought to the WTO Court. Machrouh then offers recommendations for Morocco regarding the case.

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