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Volume 6 des Dialogues Stratégiques
Rapport | Policy Center for the New South

Seize papiers discutés et enrichis lors de la sixième édition des Dialogues Stratégiques tenue le 3 octobre 2018 sont présentés dans ce rapport autour de deux thématiques "L’Amérique latine : crises et sorties de crises; L’Union Africaine face à de nouveaux défis".



Planning for tomorrow workforce: is Africa ready?  
Opinion | Tayeb Ghazi  

Africa is experiencing a demographic boom, so as its population is expected to double by 2050 to reach 2.8 billion. The growth in Africa’s working-age population will be inevitable. The youth population will also grow to make of Africa the continent of youth ‘par excellence’, so as it will hold the largest number of young people in the globe.




What Happens When the Lights Go Out? South Africa’s Eskom Challenge 
Opinion | Nchimunya Hamukoma 

On a Saturday evening in March at an upscale gallery in Johannesburg’s CBD, the lights went out. A child in the crowd yelped in shock, but most of the adults let out a gentle sigh of resignation. An attendant came by soon after to assure that it wasn’t load shedding and that the power would be reconnected shortly, but we had become inured to the darkness and the idea that electricity wasn’t something we could rely on.

Global economy at a delicate moment, says the IMF 
Opinion | Otaviano Canuto

The 2019 Spring Meeting of the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the World Bank will take place in Washington, in this 75th year since the birth of the two institutions. Christine Lagarde, the IMF's managing director, speaking on Tuesday at the US Chamber of Commerce, offered an appetizer about the macroeconomic projections to be released.




In the Press

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April 11 | A renewed growth model and development paradigm for Africa - By invitation
April 12 | High-level Breakfast Roundtable Discussion on the Future of Work in Africa
April 12 | Migration and the Global Refugee Crisis
April 15 | La place de l’Afrique dans le système de règlement des différends de l’OMC : Expérience, défis et perspectives - Sur invitation


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