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South Africa’s Economic Slowdown and Its Policy Options 
Policy Brief | Mouhamadou Ly

South Africa has not been exempted from the recent economic turmoil affecting several emerging countries. As the first second-largest economy on the continent, South Africa is going through an economic downturn since 2014 with a continuous fall in GDP per capital. Additionally, real GDP growth has experienced serious volatility and a decreasing trend since 2010 after briefly recovering from the 2008 global crisis.

Workshop on Africa and the WTO Dispute Settlement System: Experiences, Challenges and Perspectives

One question/ one answer about the World Trade Organization dispute settlement system with Niall Meagher, Executive Director, Advisory Centre on WTO Law (ACWL), Marco Tulio Molina Tejeda, Deputy Permanent Representative of Guatemala, WTO and Faisal Al-Nabhani, Counselor, Permanent Mission of Oman to the United Nations.

Senegal’s Presidential Elections: a Test to the Country’s Democratic Credentials
Opinion | Mayecor Sar 

On the 2nd of April 2019, Macky Sall was sworn in as President of the Republic of Senegal for a second five year term, after scoring a resounding 58.7% victory in the first round of the country’s elections. This solemn official ceremony has brought to a close the bitter contest that opposed the President to four challengers that included two former government ministers (Idrissa Seck and Madicke Niang), a local social media sensation (Ousmane Sonko) and a university professor (Issa Sall).

Neither Demonic Tyranny Nor Heroic Workers Paradise
Opinion | Helmut Sorge

So much hope: Expectations, anticipation, and promises. So many emotions: Excitement, sentiment, and joy. Mild winds caressing leaves of palm trees, moving in the stimulating rhythm of rumba, possibly salsa. The dancing bodies in harmony with the Caribbean mood. Happiness despite misery. Laughter overwhelming fear. Barack Obama visiting Cuba. Rain and tears unite, pomp unmatched by the Pope visiting the island some years earlier, enthusiasm pure. An Afro-American President is willing to end the Cold War.


The Rise of Right Wing Populism in Europe: the case of Spain
Opinion | Aleksandra Chmielewska 

The success of a Spanish far right party, Vox, wining 12 seats as a result of the regional elections in Andalucía, made the headlines in December 2018. The triumph of Vox was even more remarkable, as the party has gained 395.879 votes, in comparison to 18.017 received in 2015 elections. Marie Le Pen and Geert Wilders, leaders of other European far right parties rushed to congratulate Santiago Abascal, one of the founder and current leader of Vox. Since the end of dictatorship of Franco in 1975, far right political parties and movements did not have a significant public support. What has therefore led to such an exponential growth?

La crise du multilatéralisme : vers une redéfinition des relations Nord-Sud ?
Opinion | Sabine Cessou 

Experts du Nord et du Sud ont discuté du thème "Crise du multilatéralisme et Nouvelle géopolitique de la Corne de l’Afrique" le 10 avril dernier à Paris, lors de la 7ème édition de ses Dialogues stratégiques entre le Policy Center for the New South et le Centre HEC de géopolitique.

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