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Seven Predictions About the World Without the WTO 
Policy Brief | Uri Dadush 

Imagining world trade without the WTO/GATT system. It was after all, the case through recorded history until around 1950. But today’s economies are far more globally integrated than in the past, and information technologies which facilitate communication and coordination are clearly pointing to even more integration in the future. Under a no-WTO scenario, this brief formulates seven predictions.

Traps on the Road to High Income  
Policy Brief | Otaviano Canuto 

The “middle-income trap” has become a broad designation trying to capture the many cases of developing countries that succeeded in evolving from low- to middle-levels of per capita income, but then appeared to stall, losing momentum along the route toward the higher income levels of advanced economies.

Why Blockchain Technology is Empowering Women
Opinion | Ghita El Kasri 

Tech industries, despite leading the charge for change in many areas of modern life, have traditionally been one of the worst industries for gender equality. But now, it looks like technology itself could finally start to break down some of the barriers to entry and alter the socio-economic landscape beyond recognition. It could put women and under-represented minorities on the financial and technological map.

Dialogues stratégiques à Paris : la nouvelle géopolitique de la Corne de l'Afrique
Opinion | Sabine Cessou 

Ce thème, le second de la dernière édition des Dialogues stratégiques entre le Policy Center for the New South (PCNS) et le Centre HEC de géopolique, le 10 avril 2019 à Paris, a été abordé par plusieurs panels d’experts et de chercheurs. Dans cette région de première importance stratégique, quelles sont les rivalités régionales, les conséquences de la guerre au Yémen, où l’Iran et l’Arabie Saoudite s’affrontent, et les risques de crise ?


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April 24-26 | Africa Think Tank Summit 2019 
April 30 | Climate Security in the Sahel and the Mediterranean: Local and Regional Responses
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