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Asia in Focus

More than 7000 km separate Asia and Africa (9 628 km between China and Morocco). Yet, geopolitical tensions and economic transformations observed on the Asian continent will always have global repercussions.

Our experts have reviewed the main events that have taken place these past weeks (Indian election, enthronement of the new Japanese emperor, North Korea - U.S. unpredictable relationship...), and have assessed long term issues as well in academic formats.

Reform and Opening-up: Chinese Lessons to the World 
Policy Paper | Marcus Vinicius de Freitas 

Reform and Opening-up profoundly altered the face of China. From an agricultural backwards country, which had suffered humiliation by Western powers and Japan in the 19thand early 20th century, to the largest economy in the world in Purchasing Power Parity terms, the Chinese saga for reinsertion into the global scene is not a miracle.

The 2019 Indian Elections: What to expect?  
Opinion | Neelam Deo 

Looked at from afar, the most amazing thing about the ongoing election in India may be the numbers involved. Over 900 million citizens are eligible to vote and voter turnout is hovering between 60% to 70%. The election to 543 seats in the Lok Sabha (Lower House) is being conducted in seven phases with 12 million officials deployed in 1.7 million voting booths. The first phase of polling was held on April 11 and the concluding one will be on May 19. The votes will be counted on May 23 and the results announced the same day because the use of Electronic Voting Machines facilitates rapid tallying.

From Heisei to Reiwa: The symbolism of the Emperor
Opinion | El Mostafa Rezrazi

In Japan, the new Emperor Naruhito was inaugurated last week as a successor to his father Emperor Akihito, who decided to abdicate about two years ago in favor of his son for health reasons. The Japanese people have welcomed the event with mixed feelings, the joy of the enthronement of the young emperor Emperor Naruhito, mixed with despair for missing the warmth and sympathy of Emperor Akihito, whose popularity with the Empress Michiko was characterized by being the couple who offers support and comfort whenever a tragedy occurs.

North Korea: An Urgent Message that Worse can Follow
Opinion | Helmut Sorge

« Anything in this very interesting world is possible, but I believe that Kim Jong –un fully realizes the great economic potential of North Korea &will do nothing to interfere or end it .He also knows that I am with him &does not want to break his promise to me. A deal will happen. » (Donald Trump, twitter, 3.42 pm, may 4, 2019). The hat was black and already fashionable during murderous days of Adolf Hitler, Nazi-Germany’s dictator. The bizarre leader of North Korea had to wait a minute or two before he could step onto Russian terra firma for the first time in his life, seven years after he took power.

Le partenariat économique Japon-Inde: un processus politique 
Podcast | Céline Pajon 

Retrouvez le Podcast produit dans le cadre du partenariat avec l'Ifri, où Céline Pajon, chercheure au Centre Asie de Ifri et responsable des activités Japon présente une récente étude, partant du constat qu'au cours de la dernière décennie, le renforcement du partenariat indo-japonais entre l'Inde et le Japon ont été dictée par des considérations principalement géopolitiques, dans un contexte de lutte d'influence (expansion de la Chine).

Burning Issues

L’ANC au scrutin du 8 mai : Analyse d’un échec attendu  
Opinion | Abdelhak Bassou 

A quelques heures des élections générales en Afrique du Sud, je ne peux m’empêcher, comme à mon habitude, de me jeter à l’eau en tentant un pronostic. Je ne pourrais me vanter d’inventer la roue en avançant que le Congrès national africain (ANC) gagnerait ces élections et que le président Cyril Ramaphosa continuerait à présider aux destinées du pays au lendemain du 8 mai prochain. 

Libya and France: A Revival of ‘Napoleonism’?
Opinion | Youssef Tobi 

France appears to be relying on force to patch up problems in Africa, and particularly in Libya. None of this is compatible with President Macron’s lofty foreign policy declarations. French President Emmanuel Macron has classified colonisation as a crime against humanity. He is also keen to redefine the relationship with former French colonies. But in practice, there has never been a more ‘let’s go to war’ or ‘va t-en guerre’ attitude, in terms of its hopes for involvement in international affairs, in France since Napoleon III seized control of the Second Republic in the early 1850s, leading to the establishment of a new French Empire. 

Annual Report 2018

Policy Center for the New South publishes its annual report for the year 2018, which aims to give an overview of its achievements. The report also seeks to openly share PCNS' analytical insights, to stimulate the thinking process about current issues, and to explore the dynamics shaping the synergy of our various activities. 

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