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Strengthening the Rules-Based Trading System  
Report | T20 Experts

The world trading system has been remarkably successful in many respects but is presently under tremendous strain. The causes are deep-seated and require a strategic response. The future of the system depends critically on reinvigorating the WTO and policy change in the largest trading nations. Important measures are required to sustain the multilateral trading system, and urgent action is needed to avoid a scenario where the system fragments.

Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders Vision 2025: Building an Atlantic Community
Report | Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders  

During the 2018 edition of the Atlantic Dialogues Emerging Leaders program, the 45 selected participants took part in a closed-door meeting to discuss and elaborate a strategy to push forward and reinforce the feeling of belonging to the Atlantic community, and they tackled the two following priorities: 1/strengthening the transatlantic community as such, 2/ adopting a common discourse to perhaps reach, or at least get closer to, the goals set by the UN 2030 Agenda 

Current Account Adjustments and Exchange Rate Arrangements: What Regime for African Countries? 
Research Paper | Abdelaaziz Ait Ali, Mohamed Obaidy  

This paper empirically examines the impact of exchange rate arrangements on current account imbalances within the African context. Our results confirm two propositions: (1) Current account imbalances are smaller and probably less costly in countries with a flexible exchange rate regime, and (2) flexible exchange arrangements permit faster current account adjustments.


Bretton Woods’s system: did we throw the baby out with the bathwater? Lessons for developing economies  
Policy Brief | Mouhamadou M. Ly  

After the end of that mechanism known as the Bretton Wood system in the 1970s, major world economies decided to liberalize the system of international exchange rate system. The common wisdom was to consider that the market dynamics were sufficient to maintain real alignment of currencies. However the current world economic situation, (with global imbalances, severe currencies misalignment etc.) calls to reform the system. Among the options to consider, the positive aspects of the late Bretton Wood system has not to be excluded.

The UK’s policy towards Africa post-Brexit   
Policy Brief | Juliana Suess  

On the eve of Britain’s exit from the European Union, the country is redefining its international approach. The United Kingdom has already taken action by becoming involved in new economic commitments, new trade agreements in Commonwealth countries but also from a diplomatic point of view in West Africa. While development aid remains a focal point of its intervention in Africa, it risks being undermined by the Brexit and its economic consequences. However, the United Kingdom is now gaining more freedom in its projects.

EU democracy is alive and well as the battle for Europe’s top jobs starts 
Opinion | Thomas Richter  

As European citizens wake up on Monday morning, democracy is alive and well in Europe. Voter turnout increased to 50,5% compared to with 42,6% in 2014, the highest for two decades as voters across the continent responded to the populist threat. Anti-EU, populist and nationalist parties have seen gains (around 115 seats) and as a committed European i am saddened to see more voters turn to populists for answers. And yet it was a European election night that lived up to the hype. Despite predictions of the End of Europe, the far-right earthquake didn't quite shake the parliament's foundations.

The Sanctions
Interview | Helmut Sorge  

The not secret weapon, sanctions, supposedly drive people against despots and dictators, resulting in regime change. This is the aim of Donald Trump through the sanctions against Iran. Yet, the facts document a different reality: the people suffer, the dictators drive Rolls Royce.



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