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Les politiques macroéconomiques au Maroc et dans les pays en développement : quelques études empiriques  

L’analyse des mutations qu’a connues l’économie marocaine après la crise économique et financière de 2008, offre l’opportunité d‘évaluer l’orientation des politiques macroéconomiques gérées dans un contexte relativement difficile, mettant à l’épreuve les décideurs publics en matière de politique économique et leur engagement à préserver la stabilité du cadre macroéconomique.

From ‘Rule of Law’ to ‘Law of the Jungle’: Global Trade seen through Twitter
Opinion | Otaviano Canuto

Friday night, US President Donald Trump announced by Twitter that he would suspend the implementation of tariffs on Mexican imports, which would start with 5% on Monday, June 10, to reach 25% in October. A signed agreement between the two countries, also confirmed by Twitter by Mexico’s foreign minister Marcelo Ebrard, would have included Mexican government’s commitments to take “strong measures” to “reduce – or eliminate – illegal immigration to the United States,” in Trump’s words.

Will the Multilateral Trading System Survive?  
Opinion | Uri Dadush   

In a recent brief, titled” The Crisis in World Trade”, my co-authors and I conclude that whether we still have a rules-based system a few years from now depends on the answer to three questions: Can the WTO be revitalized? Is protectionism in the United States a temporary aberration? Will China reform and fit the liberal economic order? If the answer to these three questions is yes, the system will likely endure. If the answer is no, we will return to the power based non system that we had up to around 1950.

Gender equality and the African Union: From Development to Policy Change?  
Opinion | Naakoshie Mills (ADEL 2016) 

People centered development is the crux of the African Union’s (AU) new Agenda 2063 initiative. Its overall goal is a Pan African transformation and development of its member countries, while reframing the continent’s presence on the global stage. Fortunately, women’s equality is one of its aims, addressing discrimination, gender-based violence, and empowerment, to name a few. As developed nations like the United States and France still struggle to elect a female head of state, ten African countries have already done so.

The caliphate Declared Bankruptcy, Islamic State is going Global  
Opinion | Helmut Sorge  

More than 40 000 foreigners of 80 nations are thought to have travelled to territory controlled by the IS, calculated “The Atlantic” writer Graeme Wood, author of “The way of the strangers: Encounters with the Islamic State”, and most are missing.” At least 1000 foreign fighters have been captured and are imprisoned, guarded by the Kurd controlled “Syrian Democratic Forces”. Wood is certain: “IS is not defeated, it is like a chronic disease.”

Politique étrangère turque: quels défis pour ses partenaires européens?
Podcast | Dorothée Schmidt

Quelle place du dossier de l'adhésion de la Turquie à l'UE dans la campagne des principaux partis en France et dans les autres pays de l'Union Européenne? La chercheuse soutient qu'il n'y a pas eu énormément de place pour les sujets de politique étrangère. Les sujets des politique étrangère traités ont été ceux qui impactent directement les politiques domestiques, et au premier rang la question de l'immigration. Dorothée SCHMID, Chercheur, Responsable du programme Turquie contemporaine et Moyen-Orient de l'Ifri. 

Décryptage et analyse des résultats des élections européennes 2019 
Interview | Larabi Jaidi 

Les résultats des élections européennes de ce mois de mai 2019 ont eu l’effet de bombe à ‘’fragmentation politique’’, en ce sens qu’ils ont instauré un nouvel ordre où les paysages politiques ont connu l’arrivée de nouvelles forces politiques, y compris d’extrême droite. Larabi Jaidi donne ici son appréciation de l’échiquier politique qui se dessine au sein de l’Union européenne et son analyse de l’impact possible sur les relations avec le Maroc.

Palestinian Dream
Interview | Helmut Sorge  

The Palestinian people had a dream – freedom, independence, sovereignty. After more seven decades of promises and illusions the immediate future looks sober - no more two states solution. Trump’s “deal of the century” will be revealed at a donor’s conference in Bahrain – a luxury mousetrap but not a Palestinian state.


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