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Focus on #BrazilMorocco Strategic Dialogues in partnership with CINDES (Centro de Estudos de Integração e Desenvolvimento)

"The cooperation between Brazil and Morocco dates back to the 19th century, when Moroccan migrants came to Brazil attracted by the then booming exploration of rubber in the Amazon rainforest. In 1861, the Brazilian government opened its first consulate in Tangier. But it was only since 1961, with the Moroccan independence, that the bilateral relations began to diversify... The new Brazilian government seems to have renewed interest in a Brazil-Morocco bilateral partnership. In an article published on May 8, 2019, by the Brazilian Minister of Foreign Affairs..." 
 The Policy Center for the New South in partnership with CINDES have been developing a research program (papers featured below) designed to strengthen the bilateral economic relations and cooperation between Brazil, Morocco and Africa.

MERCOSUR experience in regional integration: what could Africa Learn from it?   
Policy paper | Pedro da Motta Veiga, Sandra Polónia Rios

This paper intends to extract from MERCOUR’s experience some clues that could be useful for the African debate on the challenges faced by the regional integration projects in the continent. The most relevant criterion to evaluate the effectiveness of the integration project should be its ability to influence and shape the behavior of public and private players within and outside the bloc.

China’s FDI in Brazil: recent trends and policy debate    
Policy Brief | Pedro da Motta Veiga, Sandra Polónia Rios

From 2010 onwards, China has become a relevant foreign investor in Brazil, mainly through State-owned companies investing in infrastructure – particularly in the energy sector. In the first years of the current decade, Chinese investment has been widely welcomed in an environment characterized by declining investment rates and low economic growth. However, more recently, some concerns have been raised of an “excessive” dependence of China state companies in sectors perceived as strategic for the economy. Although we cannot discard the possibility that some restrictions to the Chinese investment in strategic sectors end by being imposed, it is not probable that they come to affect a broad range of activities. Brazil needs to dramatically increase its investment rate and will have to rely on FDI to complement domestic savings.

A Brief Examination of President Bolsonaro's Initial 6 Months of Foreign Policy  
Opinion | Raphael Camargo

Five brief bullet points: this was the entire contents of President Jair Bolsonaro’s political plan presented during the 2018 Brazilian Presidential race detailing his foreign policy ambitions. Besides the pro-Trump rhetoric, little was known regarding Mr. Bolsonaro’s international relations plan.

The Global Outlook, Trade Conflicts and Africa
Policy Brief | Uri Dadush

After a long spell of slow growth in the wake of the global financial crisis, the global economy was gaining speed over 2016-2018, but this recovery is now in some danger. The likelihood of imminent recession is low, but growth will be slow over 2019-2020, and growth next year presents many uncertainties. Growth is supported by the consumer for the time being, but business has become very nervous and something will have to give. There are significant and specific risks in the large economies, but the biggest risk, intensification of trade disputes, is global in nature. The less-than-rosy outlook will certainly impact Africa, counseling caution.

Sanctions: America's Chokehold
Opinion | Helmut Sorge

The New York Times reported [on the 21st of June] that after the shot down of an U.S. drone by Iranian forces, President Trump ordered military retaliation, but called it off in the early phase. This opinion is a facts' review through the international press perspectives.

APSACO 2019 Interviews 
Interviews | Program Panelists

In the framework of the 3rd edition of the African Peace and Security Annual Conference, The Policy Center team has conducted several interviews with some of the conference guest speakers. Listen here to Obiageli Ezekwesili- Senior Economic Advisor, Africa Economic Development Policy Initiative, Papa Dialo Zator -Minister Counsellor, Republic of Senegal, Daniel Sidiki -Former Deputy Force Commander MINUSCA, Bronwyn E Bruton - Deputy Director, Africa Center, Atlantic Council Cheng Cheng -Chief Economist, Made in Africa Inititative, & Koffi Kouakou -Associate, Institute of African Futures.

In the Press

Présentation de l’ouvrage de Rémy Rioux : Réconciliations. Pour une politique de développement renouvelée| EcoActu
Le Maroc pour un nouveau modèle de croissance selon des économistes | Panorapost
L'APSACO2019 révèle l'urgence de développer de nouveaux paradigmes africains | Panorapost
« Intégrer les femmes dans les initiatives de développement », Naakoshie Mills | Panorapost

Upcoming Events 

June 26-29 | Brussels Forum 2019
June 27-28 |EMNES Annual Conference 2019
June 27-29 | Design Thinking Workshop on Strengthening Capacity Development Effectiveness for Inclusive Growth and Sustainable Development in Africa
June 28th | Présentation de l'ouvrage "Réconciliations. Pour une politique de développement renouvelée" par Rémy Rioux
July 6 | Rencontres économiques d'Aix-En-Provence
July 9 | Le rôle du mode de scrutin dans le comportement électoral au Maroc: le cas des élections communales de 2015

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