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About AD
Since its inception in 2012, the conference seeks to bring the South Atlantic to the forefront of global geopolitical debate. It allows conversations on an equal footing, frankly addressing real issues with a fact-based debate. The conference is focused on an alternative discourse and solutions, with contrasting points of view from various panelists. Rooted in Morocco, a country bordering both the Atlantic and the Mediterranean, AD cultivate an African excellence, open-mindedness and a great diversity.

The event is by invitation only.

Atlantic Currents, 5th Edition

Migration, demographics, climate change, the US foreign policy and the risk of a new international financial crisis… Various topics are explored in the 5th edition of the Atlantic Currents annual report, presented by its authors in Marrakech.

"We need a new economic order, where if not equality, we can reach less inequality, both economic and political”, said Younes Abouyoub Director of the UN Division on Governance and State-Building in the MENA Region, while Youssef Mahmoud, Senior Adviser Africa, Middle East and Peace Operations programs, International Peace Institute (IPI), Tunisia, stated :"We have inherited a tradition where peace is viewed as the order that follows the war, the mirror of conflict. We think that if we analyse the root of conflict we will have peace. This is negative peace. We need to make an inventory of what is working, threads and stitches that keep countries together in Africa. We have to not only focus on the negative but also the great deal of bridges in North and South that people already have."

Hafsat Abiola, daughter of late President-elect Abiola and a strong voice of the Nigerian civil society, has written the report’s foreword. She described Atlantic Currents as "such brilliant innovative thinking. As an African I was proud to read this book. This is not a book that attacks but offers alternative solutions, alternative strategies. Well done !"

AD 2018 First speeches and key messages

 • Welcoming remarks by Karim El Aynaoui, Managing Director of Policy Center for the New South : "AD is a place where the North meets the South and the South meets the North, not in the spirit of the 60s or the 70s, but with the South looking at the world and global affairs challenges through its own glasses. This is what our think tank is about”.

Opening Conversation on “Populism and post-truth politics: the backlash against globalisation”

Madeleine Albright, former US Secretary of State: "Americans don't like the word multilateralism, there are too many syllables and an ‘ism’ at the end. In fact, it’s all about partnerships. The US is becoming part of the problem: we are clinging to ourselves and not recognizing the value of partnerships. In that way I am troubled and I may have to ask for political asylum!"

Pedro Pires, former President of Cabo Verde: "I come from a world of African liberation movements that is disappearing. Africa has been a looser in all the phases of globalization. The continent needs to get organized to win this new phase. We cannot stand against globalization, as we are globalized, whether we like it or not. We have to fight against the wrong effects of this trend : namely, enormous differences and inequalities between States and inside the countries themselves."

"North South Contrasting Demographic Trends : How Can Africa Reap its Demographic Dividend ?"

Bineta Diop, Special Envoy of the Chairperson of the African Union Commission on Women, Peace, and Security : "We often talk about microfinance and African women. What they tell me is that "There is nothing small or micro about us". Believe in the power of the youth and of women of the continent".

Mabingue Ngom, Regional Director of UNFPA in West and Central Africa: “It's as if you have water over the floor and you are mopping it instead of closing the tap. I’m not sure we can count on public service or private sector to create jobs and fight youth unemployment in Africa. Currently, 15 million young people are not going to school in DRC and Nigeria alone. Lack of jobs has got a cause : population growth!"

Paulo Gomes, Chairman, Paulo Gomes & Partners, Guinea Bissau : “Without necessarily speaking of people crossing the Atlantic, there are lots of Afrodescendants everywhere in South and North America. Populism is playing with the fragile corner of the mind of people to scare them about the invasion of Africans, but nothing will stop people from spreading. The question is viral. Young people everywhere realize that they have to get involved in policy making.“

Christopher E. Craige, Director of Strategy, Engagement, and Programs, U.S. Africa Command (Africom) : "From a security standpoint we see optimism in Africa. It strikes me that there is not a huge amount of disagreement between what we say, as a different set of folks here".

"Atlantic Trade, the Surge of Protectionism and the WTO"

Paulo Portas, former Minister of Foreign Affairs (Portugal) : “Donald Trump is putting his finger to the first American problem, which is asking who is the challenger? It’s not Russia, but China, a country that went in 40 years from having 0.8% to 12 % of global trade.”

Ricardo Meléndez-Ortiz, Founder and Chief Executive of ICTSD (Colombia): "Latin America is harmonizing several agreements into one, creating a really powerful space for growth and diversifying external markets."

Uri Dadush, Senior Fellow at PCNS : ”There is a anti-China current in the US that says 'they have gone too far,' there are too many distortions in the system and we have to correct them. The European Union is perfectly ready for a China-US dispute since it can use it as a leverage to get China to change. My reading is that none of this is fundamental. This is not about divorce proceedings.

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